Saturday, October 1, 2022

Quick Chaos Warband and Cavemen

 Managed to squeak out a few figures towards the end of September.

A quick Chaos Warband for games of Fistful of Lead: Fantasy. The leader is a 2000s-era Warhammer figure I got on eBay a while back, and the rest are from Knightmare Miniatures. With any luck they'll be seeing some action on the table tomorrow.

Then I painted up a Pterro-Man from Forge of Ice to lead some "Neolithic Warriors" from Lucid Eye Productions into battle. I've always been a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs' fiction, and these are perfect to serve as one of Burroughs' Mahars and its Sagoth servants from the "Pellucidar" series of novels. They'll definitely be seeing some table time in pulp games!

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