Sunday, September 26, 2021

Tales of Horror: Blood of the Legion

 My painting has been a bit spotty since the end of the OWAC, and I am spending a fair amount of time prepping miniatures for next year's Army Challenge. But I have gotten a bit done, and today I treated myself to a solo game using Wiley Games' "Fistful of Lead" skirmish system, specifically their "Tales of Horror" supplement. 

There are things lurking in the dark corners of the Earth too foul for even the hardened men of the French Foreign Legion to handle; Major LeDuc leads a hand-picked team of Legionary monster slayers to to mete out Honour et Fidelitie to the creatures that lurk in the shadows. 

Though LeDuc and his men were too late to prevent the cruel vampire Baron Ferenczy and his coven from locating and retrieving the Golden Idol of Ish-Kabibble from its resting place beneath a ruined keep in the Algerian desert, they have committed themselves to making sure Ferenczy does not bring the Idol (and with it, chaos and horror) to the cities of Europe. Aided by a trio of archaeologists, LeDuc and his men take up positions around the old keep and ready themselves for nightfall...


  • Major LeDuc (Leader; Veteran, Encouraging, Swordsman, Tough as Nails, armed with a sword and pistol)
  •  Ibrahim (Specialist; Ranged Fighter, Sniper, armed with a rifle and equipped with Blessed Bullets)
  • Rokoff the Russian Bear (Regular; Brawler, armed with a two-handed axe)
  • Barker the Scout (Regular; Ranger, armed with a shotgun)
  • Beni (Regular; Slippery, armed with dynamite)
  • The Archaeologists (Grunts; Smart, armed with pistols)


figures by Pulp Figures

figures by Copplestone Castings



  • Baron Ferenczy (Leader; Veteran, Fearsome Presence, Cold-Blooded, Cause Fear, Great Strength, Fang and Claw, Fast
  • Nadja (Acolyte; Stealthy, Mesmerize, Great Strength, Fang and Claw, Fast)
  • Karl (Fledgling; Leaper, Great Strength, Fang and Claw, Fast, Bloodlust)
  • Anna (Fledgling; Flurry of Blows, Great Strength, Fang and Claw, Fast, Bloodlust)
  • Jackals (Horde; Dodge


figures by Reaper Miniatures

The table was set up, with the vampires deploying in the ruined keep at the center of one side of the board, and the hunters scattered through the ruined village, though none within 12" of the vampires' deployment. 


I won't go into detail about the game, since I completely whiffed it - I missed a prominent note in the "Tales of Horror" book about vampires being immune to regular bullets, and thus the game was over in two rounds. Oops. I'll have to set back up and run through it again later this week.