Friday, November 26, 2021

Fistful of Lead: "The Low Crusade"

 Since it's not a proper American Thanksgiving without a game, I got out some figures and laid down some terrain, and treated myself to a solo game yesterday of Wiley Games' Fistful of Lead, using their new Fantasy rules combined with their Galactic Heroes supplement. One of the best parts of FFoL is the ability to comfortably bend genres like this.

After their ship crashes on a Medieval Fantasy world, Guzbag’s Space Orks need to collect as much spilled fuel (represented by five objective markers spaced around the table) as possible. The Wizard Lutholio, witnessing the crash from his tower, quickly showed up with a retinue to claim as much of this mysterious glowing substance as he can. 


Any figure can claim an objective by moving into contact with it and succeeding on a regular Task roll; once claimed it needs to be moved off the table to secure it. Figures carrying objectives off-table stay off table for one full turn before being able to return. 

The Wizard Lutholio was supported by a bannerman, a couple of regular soldiers (one with a zweihander, two with swords and shields), as well as a rabble of halfling archers pressed into service. Guzbag had a heavy gunner and four regular troopers with SMGs.  


Lutholio made an early grab at two objective tokens, using the spell "Light Footed" to send one of his soldiers racing towards the further token, while Guzbag's forces moved towards the center of the board before beginning to spread out.

Before long, Guzbag aimed his blaster pistol at Lutholio and pulled the trigger - click! Rolling a 1, he went Out of Ammo. Lutholio responded by raising his hands and weaving the magic to throw a Fireball at Guzbag and a couple nearby goons and - Misfire! Lutholio rolled a 1 as well, singing his beard and eyebrows. As the two leaders stared each other down from opposite sides of the fountain, the Ork heavy gunner raised his machine-gun and opened fire on Lutholio, gunning the wizard down without mercy. 

I thought this might be it for the Medieval Fantasy side, but they rallied admirably and actually overwhelmed Guzbag's forces. The game ended with only one Ork alive but off-table securing an objective token, and two human regulars and two halflings still alive. The human with the zweihander was personally responsible for the deaths of three Orks, including Guzbag, and the halflings at least wounded three of the Orks. All in all, three out of the five objective tokens were scored by the Medieval Fantasy side, making it a resounding win for them.