Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Age of Sigmar

I have been neglecting this blog horrendously, and I apologize for the radio silence.  Much of what I've been working on lately on the RPG front is under a non-disclosure agreement for the time being, and I haven't been taking nearly enough pictures of my wargaming and painting.

Games Workshop's "Age of Sigmar" has pretty much consumed all my time at the painting table and the wargaming table; having now four games under my belt, AoS is my most-played wargame, period, which is perhaps something of a sad state of affairs given that I've been enthusiastic about wargaming for hmm, fifteen years now? Lots of years where I didn't have anybody else to play games with.

I've been building a "Chaos" army since February, organized around the god Tzeentch; for those unfamiliar, Tzeentch is all about magic and mutation, a god of secrets, deception, lies and trickery.  And birds, for some reason, Tzeentch likes giving people beaks and feathers.  It's not the most straightforward army to play, but I like the new models that were being released around the time I started - models that I have somehow not bought yet, funnily enough.

everything so far.

Gaunt Summoner, picture taken while WIP.
Thus far I've built, painted and based two units of ten Chaos Warriors, painted in blues and pale shades to give them a "cold" feel that I've somewhat abandoned in subsequent models; a Chaos Sorcerer Lord, his armor trimmed in gold instead of silver, and a Gaunt Summoner, a many-eyed spellcaster who more than earned his price point this past weekend - he took down an entire 30-man unit of Bloodletter demons, as well as the enemy general, by himself at the escalation league match at the FLGS.  I've finished a trio of "Screamers," big flying demonic manta rays, and I'm most of the way done with a unit of Pink Horrors - just bases left to do on these capering demons.  And I've begun painting a unit of five Chaos Knights which will hopefully prove a good bruiser of a unit.

Tomorrow night Tom and I are meeting for a rematch, his Nurgle demons against my Tzeentch boys.  We're both bored with simple pitched battles so we're going to try out playing a scenario with victory objectives instead of just killing each other.  For fun, I converted the "Sausages and Mustard" scenario out of Lion Rampant over to AoS; one of us is going to be trying to set fire to the other's supply depots.

Finished Screamers

Pink Horror Iconbearer WIP