Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Man, the Myth, the Legend...The 'Duke

I mostly stick to metal figures, but I've ventured out a little bit to explore some resin figures. The latest being this limited-edition figure of classic D&D villain Warduke from Forge of Ice. The detail is immaculate, and the three pieces fit together perfectly. I built up a 30mm round base with two layers of cork to elevate Warduke above his opponents, and that's another new thing for me. It worked out well, but between the fragility of the resin and how lightly he's affixed to the cork, I think he's just going to be a display piece instead of a gaming piece.

The blue armor is two coats of GW "Soulstone Blue" technical paint over a base of silver, which gave me a candy apple kind of shiny, metallic finish that I think worked out really well. Everything else is kind of my standard techniques - skin is Reaper Tanned Shadow, washed with GW Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with Reaper Tanned Skin, the blue-black leather of his boots and dagger scabbard are Reaper Coal Black highlighted with Reaper Midnight Blue. The grass is two colors and coarsenesses of Woodland Scenics flock mixed together. 

Overall, I pushed my comfort zone with this figure and I'm happy with how he turned out, but I still very much prefer metal figures.

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  1. Some very nice work on the paint job and the multi level basing here Bill!