Sunday, March 18, 2018

Returning to the Frozen City

*cough, cough!* Wow, it got dusty around here.  I apologize for the extended leave of absence; I didn't realize how severely my mojo had left me in regards painting.

Truth be told, it didn't really return until a couple weeks ago when Tom and I had our first game of Frostgrave together in over a year.  My Summoner warband, the Diabolists of Belphegor, made a return appearance, facing off against a newly-created Enchanter warband of Tom's.  I had tweaked my warband and spell-list a bit and felt a bit more confident going in. We had a great game, despite my Summoner rolling a "1" on his attempt to summon a demon - for the second game in a row! - and having the demon attack him.  At least this time, Belphegor was prepared and managed to kill the demon promptly!

Even more entertainingly, Tom managed to cast "Mind-Control" on my Knight, and keep him under control for a couple rounds.

At the end of the game, Belphegor had gone up two levels, found some decent treasure - including a Banner of Courage and two Potions of Invisibility - but lost Black Phillip, the goat-headed infantryman; Big Joe, a thug; and Deladrin, a thief.  Seriously, I rolled a 4 or lower on a d20 three times out of seven, leaving me with three permanently-dead warband members.  Ouch.

So I had enough spare figures painted for this warband that I was able to replenish my ranks for the next game without painting any new figures - except, I decided to convert a new representation of my current Knight, Reaper's "Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin." Since Vaeloth is now carrying the Banner of Courage (to help protect him from future attempts at being mind-controlled), I wanted a figure of him holding a banner.  Fortunately, Reaper Bones are cheap and easy to convert.  I'll be posting pictures of him when he's completed.

In the meantime, here are some monsters and a piece of scatter terrain I've painted:

A trio of Ice Spiders - WotC preprimed "Phase Spider" miniatures from their "Nolzur's" line
A few more Imps (Reaper Bones Hordelings) since I toss them around like confetti now.
Reaper Bones "Bat Demon" to serve as a new Minor Demon for summoning purposes.

Maybe the repeated casting rolls of "1" are in protest of the old model I was using?
Reaper "Well of Chaos" to serve as a Well of Dreams and Sorrows for that scenario.  
Good luck getting to the Well, Tom!