Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Yo Joe!

 Continuing on with my 28mm GI Joe project, here are the first five members of the Joes proper: Duke, Scarlett, Rock-n-Roll, Shipwreck and Lifeline. 

All in all, a solid bunch to paint with plenty of variety, and great practice with the light box as well. Looking forward to getting them on the table for Fistful of Lead.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

GI Joe Project

 So I've been kicking around a project for a bit. I want to challenge myself, and an idea I hit on is to assemble and paint everything I would need to put on a big, flashy convention wargame demo. That means all the figures, terrain, and put together a scenario that could handle up to six players. 

 For me, the obvious choice was to use Wiley Games' Fistful of Lead.  There's no ruleset I like better or want to see more people playing than that. But what to do with that ruleset?

The idea I hit on was a GI Joe game, with squads of Joes squaring off against gangs of Cobra troopers. Get a couple vehicles on the table, and it'll all be very eye-catching with (for gamers of a certain age) familiar characters on the table. 

 Funnily enough, I'm not a gamer of a certain age - being born in 1987, I missed out on GI Joe, He-Man etc., during their peak; I remember Christmas 1992 was a GI Joe-heavy one (including the very big electronic GI Joe base released that year), though, and my wife and I became fans of the Sunbow animated series from the 1980s a few years back through Netflix (though she loses interest as soon as Sgt. Slaughter gets introduced to the show).

I've got a couple pieces of MDF terrain from Sarissa Precision so far to build (a guard-house, a helicopter pad and a radar station) that I think will come into play, and leads on 3D-printable Joe and Cobra vehicles. I've sourced some figures as well, and painted my first gang for proof of concept - the Cobra-affiliated militarized biker gang known as the Dreadnoks, and their sinister leader Zartan. 

Also, I have a light box now for photography. Woo!