Saturday, August 26, 2023

New Terrain Haul

Last month, my wife wanted to buy me some terrain, and we were specifically looking at Black Site Studios' prepainted MDF buildings. They'd announced a trailer park, which seemed like a lot of fun, and we decided on adding a couple extra pieces as well - namely, a bingo hall and some dumpsters for scatter terrain. 

Everything arrived the other day - an 8 1/2 lb (3.8 kg) box! And not a moment too soon; my neighbor's seven year old son is Mr. Popularity, so all the kids in our apartment complex gather at our unit to play, and my priming box almost became a target for Super Soaker practice last week. Having things prepainted is going to be a godsend I think. 

I assembled the dumpsters last night to give myself some relaxation post a very long and stressful work week, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. The kit gives you two dumpsters, each comprised of 10 parts - base, four sides, a hinged lid, two side handles and a pair of casters underneath. Everything fit together beautifully, took glue just fine, and the final construction is really sturdy. The hinged lid works perfectly, and as a bonus, a figure on a 25mm round base can comfortably be placed standing inside the dumpster.


I'm hoping to spend this weekend getting the Bingo Hall assembled, because I think that will be a very fun addition to my wargaming tables.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Taco Tuesday

 Not much the report here, but I did finish up a 3D printed food truck, from Corvus Designs, for my modern games. My wife bought it for me as part of my gift for our anniversary last month. The color scheme is inspired by our favorite local Mexican restaurant - they have a food truck that they use for events and catering jobs that has a yellow, green and red-violet scheme. I shifted the red-violet to just straight up bright red. I think it'll be an eye-catching piece of scatter terrain, or even a battlefield objective. After all, who says no to a taco?