Saturday, July 30, 2016

Paint Table Saturday: Aboleth finished

Finished my Reaper "Goroloth" (aka a D&D Aboleth) today; I sculpted a coral base to glue him to a couple days ago and painted that in a dark purple, added the basing grit, glued the big guy down and added a bit of foliage trimmed from an aquarium plant and given a heavy drybrush of citron green, to match to Deep Sea Divers I did during the  Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge at the end of last year/beginning of this year.  So now, in addition to a D&D monster, I've got a big fish to menace those two unlucky fellows!


  1. What a beastie and that base just finishes off the project perfectly, excellent job Bill.

  2. Great stuff Bill. Not sure why I haven't spotted this posting before. Terrific painting, and the basing really finishes it off.