Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Age of Sigmar

I have been neglecting this blog horrendously, and I apologize for the radio silence.  Much of what I've been working on lately on the RPG front is under a non-disclosure agreement for the time being, and I haven't been taking nearly enough pictures of my wargaming and painting.

Games Workshop's "Age of Sigmar" has pretty much consumed all my time at the painting table and the wargaming table; having now four games under my belt, AoS is my most-played wargame, period, which is perhaps something of a sad state of affairs given that I've been enthusiastic about wargaming for hmm, fifteen years now? Lots of years where I didn't have anybody else to play games with.

I've been building a "Chaos" army since February, organized around the god Tzeentch; for those unfamiliar, Tzeentch is all about magic and mutation, a god of secrets, deception, lies and trickery.  And birds, for some reason, Tzeentch likes giving people beaks and feathers.  It's not the most straightforward army to play, but I like the new models that were being released around the time I started - models that I have somehow not bought yet, funnily enough.

everything so far.

Gaunt Summoner, picture taken while WIP.
Thus far I've built, painted and based two units of ten Chaos Warriors, painted in blues and pale shades to give them a "cold" feel that I've somewhat abandoned in subsequent models; a Chaos Sorcerer Lord, his armor trimmed in gold instead of silver, and a Gaunt Summoner, a many-eyed spellcaster who more than earned his price point this past weekend - he took down an entire 30-man unit of Bloodletter demons, as well as the enemy general, by himself at the escalation league match at the FLGS.  I've finished a trio of "Screamers," big flying demonic manta rays, and I'm most of the way done with a unit of Pink Horrors - just bases left to do on these capering demons.  And I've begun painting a unit of five Chaos Knights which will hopefully prove a good bruiser of a unit.

Tomorrow night Tom and I are meeting for a rematch, his Nurgle demons against my Tzeentch boys.  We're both bored with simple pitched battles so we're going to try out playing a scenario with victory objectives instead of just killing each other.  For fun, I converted the "Sausages and Mustard" scenario out of Lion Rampant over to AoS; one of us is going to be trying to set fire to the other's supply depots.

Finished Screamers

Pink Horror Iconbearer WIP

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Painting Contests

I've been utterly neglecting this blog; not intentionally, it's just sort of happened.  I'm going to try my best to pick things back up here.  The biggest news is that the 7th Analogue Hobbies Annual Painting Challenge has concluded, and I met my goal of 500 points (scoring 507) despite a bout of painter's block and dealing with some medical concerns of Atticus'.  Additionally, Just Games, my FLGS, has begun a series of monthly painting contests, and the March contest was judged today.  I had decided to participate, and my entry (and the entry of most other people; it was a choice between this and some sort of Pathfinder goblin dog-rider) was Reaper's "D'kuhl M'Broon," a "Bathalian" (to differentiate from the legally-protected "Mind Flayer" of Dungeons and Dragons).  I had painted a copy of this figure years ago for my friend Rachael, and was excited to give it another go now that my skills have matured some.

I entered him in the Intermediate category (the guys in the Advanced category are using airbrushes to highlight their figures, and I'm just not there) and came in second place, scoring myself a set of ultrafine tip brushes as my prize!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Catching Up

Haven't done a whole lot on the gaming or painting front lately; a couple weeks of painter's block kept me from putting brush to figure.

I did finally break through and painted Reaper's Griffon, from their Bones line:

Tom and I have played two games of Kings of War now, with my half-finished Teutonic Knights serving as a Kingdoms of Men army.  Last night we played a 1000-point game, with my Men barely eking out a victory over his Dwarves.  His Brock Riders (dwarves mounted on giant badgers) were brutal, and his Organ Gun could have dealt out a lot more damage if the Griffon (the "Winged Beast" part of my "General on Winged Beast") hadn't taken it out on the second turn.

Finally, I've checked out another hobby shop in my area - we have four that I've been in now, which stay in business through careful niche specialization - this time the Warhammer store in Victor, NY, an official Games Workshop outlet and, heaven help me, I've bought into Age of Sigmar.  There seems to be a thriving population playing it so I should have no shortage of games ahead of me.  I picked up the "Start Collecting: Slaves to Darkness" box and an additional box of Chaos Warriors (8th edition packaging, so 12 to a box instead of 16).

The store is running an escalation league, with monthly meets and each month the point total of our armies goes up by 250 points; so for March we're playing with 500-point forces, then in April it'll be 750, in May 1000, etc.  I've assembled a 500 point force (two squads of Chaos Warriors and a Chaos Sorcerer Lord make 500 exactly) and got them primed.  Painting begins tomorrow, and I'm thinking I can probably have them done in time for the league to begin on the 19th.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Teutonic Foot Knights

These handsome fellows have been on the AHCP blog for a couple days now, so I can post them up here.  This is the second unit I've completed for my Warhammer Ancient Battles Ordenstaat army, a unit of knights on foot in the colors of the Teutonic Order, marking them as Brother Knights.  Front rank is by Gripping Beast, rear rank are Crusader miniatures, and the middle rank is a mix of the two.  The figures are quite a bit different in size and proportion, but I think on the table they'll all look fine together.

One thing I overlooked while reading the army list in the "Armies of Antiquity" book is that I'm actually limited to two units of Brother Knights in the army, which in my case will be my two units of (unfinished) cavalry.  So on the table these will actually be fielded in WAB as Allied Crusaders.

This army will be pulling double-duty this week as I give Kings of War a try with Tom.  In which case these fellows (and the Livonian Knights I posted previously) will be a regiment of "Order of the Brotherhood on Foot."

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Livonian Foot Knights

I'm so very proud of this regiment.  This is the first finished unit for my Warhammer Ancients army, a block of 24 Livonian Swordbrethren that I'll be fielding as Allied Crusaders in my Ordenstaat force.

The Livonian Order began life as a separate militant order, before being absorbed into the Teutonic Order as an autonomous sub-order following a disastrous defeat in 1232.

I'm especially proud of these as this is the first block of rank and file troops I've painted since I was back in high school, at least 13, maybe 14 years ago now.  Back then I was fascinated by Warhammer Fantasy, but could never afford to build an army, so I bought units here and there, managing to paint a unit of Skeletons, two units of Chaos Warriors, two units of Orcs and a unit of Night Goblins at one point or another.  At the time, a 20-man regiment of Skeletons was the biggest I ever did, and now I've surpassed that, with 24 Livonians standing proudly now as my personal best in terms of unit size and a return to rank and file I've been craving.  Plus, back in high school I never would have had the nerve to attempt to hand-paint heraldry like this.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Progress on my WAB Teutons

I've been puttering away at my army for Warhammer Ancient Battles; I'm going very cavalry-heavy at first, which will put me at a disadvantage against anyone fielding a Phalanx-y army, but it's a good starting place.  I've got everything I need for my first 2800 points, I just need to assemble the last regiment of mounted Brother Knights and then get everything painted.

Yesterday was a real good mail day today, and I was able to finish assembling my last unit of infantry - a regiment of Brother Knights on foot with hand weapons and shields.  In a 2800 point game it will be a 13-man unit, in a 3000 point game it'll be 15.

The regiment is a mixture of Gripping Beast metal figures and Crusader miniatures - it would have been all Crusader figures, but they didn't offer a foot command blister, hence the mix, which resulted in two visibly different groups of knights in regards height and bulk.  The Gripping Beast figures are much bigger, closer to 32mm I suspect; I packed the front rank with them to disguise the disparity on the table. The standard held up by the standard bearer is a 6cm lance from Fireforge and a banner off the Fireforge Teutonic Knights sprue.

I've also gotten some good progress done on a regiment of allied Livonian Swordbrothers; historically, the Livonian Order was subsumed into and became an independent order within the Teutonic Order.  Since I can't have more than half my list as Brother Knights, I had to fill out the list with Allied Crusaders, and I've opted to paint my Allied Crusaders as Livonians.  These were assembled from the Fireforge Teutonic Infantry box, with a few weapons taken from the Teutonic Knights sprues.

All that's left are the bases, belts, and hafts of various axes and maces; the shields have all been painted and are just waiting to be glued into place.

While these are being painted with Warhammer Ancient Battles in mind, I'm expected them to also see use in Lion and Dragon Rampant at some point.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas Keeps Giving

Ian of The Blog With No Name runs a Secret Santa program every year for the miniatures painting blogosphere, and this year I got in on the fun.  I Santa'd for Koen at Ramblings of an insane mind, and after some delay due to back-orders, received my gift from Thomas, whose blog I don't think I know.

Thomas sent me four packs of Reaper Bones skeletons - one each of three spearmen, archers, swordsmen, and axe-wielding guardians.  As if a dozen bone-rattling undead wasn't enough, Thomas went the extra mile and threw in a Wendigo, a creature perhaps tied with Manticores as my favorite mythological monster.

Thanks Thomas!