Saturday, February 11, 2017

Teutonic Foot Knights

These handsome fellows have been on the AHCP blog for a couple days now, so I can post them up here.  This is the second unit I've completed for my Warhammer Ancient Battles Ordenstaat army, a unit of knights on foot in the colors of the Teutonic Order, marking them as Brother Knights.  Front rank is by Gripping Beast, rear rank are Crusader miniatures, and the middle rank is a mix of the two.  The figures are quite a bit different in size and proportion, but I think on the table they'll all look fine together.

One thing I overlooked while reading the army list in the "Armies of Antiquity" book is that I'm actually limited to two units of Brother Knights in the army, which in my case will be my two units of (unfinished) cavalry.  So on the table these will actually be fielded in WAB as Allied Crusaders.

This army will be pulling double-duty this week as I give Kings of War a try with Tom.  In which case these fellows (and the Livonian Knights I posted previously) will be a regiment of "Order of the Brotherhood on Foot."