Sunday, August 11, 2019


I've been neglectful of this blog again - granted, I've been wildly inconsistent in the time I've been spending picking up a brush! It doesn't help that it's been ungodly hot here lately, that's for sure, but I have accomplished a bit. 

So let's see here...

I did get a set of five Raptor-style dinosaurs from Reaper's Bones 4 Kickstarter painted, in a color scheme I'm really happy with - the underbellies are basecoated in Yellowed Bone and highlighted with Creamy Ivory, the flanks are Auburn Shadow highlighted with Carrot-Top Red, and the dorsal surface and stripes Dark Skin highlighted with Dark Highlights.  The open mouths are Dusty Rose Pink highlighted with Blush Pink, and the eyes are Vallejo Livery Green. 

I'm backing Crooked Dice Games' Colony 87 Kickstarter, and that reminded me that I have some figures from Lead Adventure Miniatures' first Astropolis Kickstarter still sitting in my lead-pile.  I got those cleaned up and glued to their slotta-bases and puttied over the edges of the slots.  Maybe it's just because these were early casts in the molds' lives, but these figures required almost no clean-up, which is remarkable considering how much detail they're covered in.  I was so impressed I ordered another five packs this afternoon.  These have had their bases textured and are in the priming box right now. 

And finally, I had backed Dark Fable's most recent Kickstarter and got myself a baker's dozen of fabulously sinister cultists, as well as a pack of cult treasures which will make phenomenal treasure markers in Frostgrave or similar games.  I haven't begun cleaning or basing them yet. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mojo Lost and Found

Well, June ended up with me hitting the brakes hard on Age of Sigmar.  Games Workshop released the 2019 "General's Handbook," and I realized that if I wanted to play AoS, I'd need to accept that Games Workshop is releasing a fundamentally unbalanced game and "course-correcting" every year with a new book, rebalancing everything, and that I'd need to pay $40 a year to keep playing, and that just took the wind right out of my sails.  It's one thing if a game gets a new edition released after a few years that tidies up issues discovered after the fact with the previous edition, and quite another entirely to buy a new book every year because GW can't playtest properly.

With that realization, I lost a lot of my will to paint, which I've been teasing back by selecting figures from the box of stuff I got from Reaper's most recent Bones Kickstarter and making myself sit down and work on them, starting with this Wyvern from the core boxed set.

Started off by base-coating the dorsal surface with Reaper's "Deep Ocean" and the underside with "Cloudy Gray," then gave both a wash of GW "Drakenhof Nightshade" When that was dry, the underbelly was drybrushed with "Misty Gray" and the back with "Marine Teal," followed by a much lighter drybrush of "Surf Aqua." I brought some of the Misty Gray over on to the back at the trailing edge of the wings.  The thick scales along the spine and tail were glazed with two coats of GW "Wayfarer Green" with some also brought down along the neck and underarms to tie the two sides of the figure together some.  Inside of the mouth was done in "Old West Rose" and the teeth and claws were picked out in Vallejo Leather Brown and Reaper "Stained Ivory." The eyes are Reaper "Fire Orange."

I added a piece of GW Azyrite Ruin and the Wyvern's designed base to a 50mm base, and painted them with Delta Ceramcoat brand craft paints - basecoat black, drybrush Espresso, Dark Grey, Light Grey.  Some basing grit and grass tufts later, and we can call it done.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Unleashing the Beast

I've spent a good amount of time this weekend working on additions to my Age of Sigmar army, almost all in the form of Tzaangors, the twisted bird-goat-men that comprise Tzeentch's rendition of the standard-issue beastmen. 

I started by assembling and painting a Tzaangor Shaman, one of the leaders of this abominable species, mounted atop a half-daemon, half-machine Disc of Tzeentch.  This was to fully test-drive the color scheme I was thinking about using to model a tribe of Tzaangors native to the Realm of Fire.  I think it came out very nicely, especially with the bases done up using the "Dark Runes" Green Stuff rolling pin.  I'll be doing as many bases as I can in this style going forward.

With that out of the way, I assembled a box of ten Tzaangors, deciding to equip them with paired blades instead of sword-and-shield, forgoing a little bit of defense in favor of a boost to attack rolls.  There's also a few equipped with "Great Blades" for some extra chopping power against heavily-armored foes.  I also assembled three "Tzaangor Enlightened," more advanced and favored members of the species, who have some delightfully nasty abilities, especially if a Wizard is nearby. 

Finally, something really fun.  Eventually I'm going to want to field a "Fatemaster" in my army, but refuse to work in resin, the only material the character is available in.  So I kitbashed my own, using Warhammer 40K's "Ahriman" Chaos Sorcerer, the glaive-wielding right arm and head of a Chaos Knight, and a shield arm off the Tzaangor sprue.  A little Green Stuff to cover an attachment point where a jetpack is supposed to go and he should be good to prime. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Return to the Age of Sigmar

I played in a really enjoyable game of Age of Sigmar 2nd edition this weekend, a three-way battle between by Tzeentch army, a Stormcast army and a Nighthaunt army of ghosts.  I've had bad experiences with Age of Sigmar in the past, but Alex, the manager of the local Warhammer store, managed to pull me back in by assuring me that the in-store campaign that was starting up was going to be very focused on playing scenarios, rather than just mindless brawls, and that people bringing web-sourced tournament-style lists would be discouraged. 

I liked the changes I saw in 2nd edition, and I like that the Disciples of Tzeentch have been nerfed a bit - because DoT was so overpowered when it first came out that even my army, put together by a guy who had no idea what he was doing list-wise, was being automatically viewed as overpowered. 

I enjoyed myself enough that I decided I wanted to keep playing, so long as I can keep playing more relaxed games; I wargame for leisure, not for tournament play.  And feeling dissatisfied with both the composition and the paint jobs on the forces I have at my disposal right now, I decided I'd start rebuilding my army, one unit at a time, to create a more cohesive and thematically-interesting army. 

I picked up a box of Tzaangors, the Tzeentch-themed Beastmen, as well as a Tzaangor Shaman, because I loved the sculpts and wanted to use them as a solid core of my army.  Looking through the Disciples of Tzeentch book, a bright pink Tzaangor among the various blues caught my eye:

That got me looking at the Pyrofane Cult battalion, and thinking about the theme of fire.  A lot of Tzeentchian magic manifests in the form of varicolored flame, and one of the Mortal Realms in which Age of Sigmar games can take place is the Realm of Fire, equivalent to D&D's Elemental Plane of Fire.  A splinter-sect of the Pyrofane Cult from the Realm of Fire would be cool, and that's what I decided I'm going to pursue. 

Now I just need to resupply on plastic cement!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chaos Rampant: Planning an Army

So there's two ways I could go about building my "Old School Chaos" army for Dragon Rampant.  I could buy figures willy-nilly, assemble units as I go, and hope for the best or I could plan ahead and go in with an idea of what I have ahead of me.  I've gone with the second.  

First things first, I decided to randomly determine which of Games Workshop's Ruinous Powers my army would follow.  I rolled a D10, with 1-2 meaning Khorne the Blood God, 3-4 meaning Slaanesh the demon of hedonism and excess, 5-6 Nurgle the plague God, 7-8 Tzeentch, the god of magic and trickery, and 9-10 being unaligned.  

A 4 means my army is dedicated to the sensual and depraved Slaanesh.  Iiiiiinteresting.  Not the Power I necessarily would have chosen for myself, but that's why we're doing things this way, to mix it up.  

The next step then was to pull up a PDF of the old "Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness" book, and use the warband rules there to determine the composition of my Dragon Rampant army.  I won't end up with a nice, balanced force but I should end up with something fun.  

First up, my general.  A D100 roll determines that my general will be human, and a second D100 roll determines that, in Warhammer terms, they're a Level 10 Warrior.  So a fighter-type, not a wizard or spellcaster.  Easy enough.  A few more dice rolls determines that my general has a Bestial Face, which causes fear in those who face them and a bonus to Willpower.  

So I'm thinking my general is going to be a Single Model Unit of Elite Foot with the Fear special ability tacked on, and "Charmed" as his Leader trait.  Resistant to magic, he wades into the midst of combat, hacking down enemies and sending the survivors fleeing in terror.  I have a model in mind but we'll get there later.  For now, that's 8 of my 30 points taken care of.  

Next, I make three rolls on the Retinue chart and come up with Chaos Thugs, Beastmen, and a special! We'll come back around to that last one.  

Chaos Thugs/Marauders/Raiders are (in my head at least) a disorderly, bloodthirsty rabble barely kept in check by the general's force of will.  Well that's Dragon Rampant's "Bellicose Foot" right there! I don't think I want to add anything on, so we'll leave that at the basic 4 points.  

Beastmen I imagine as being much the same as Thugs/Marauders, but tougher and harder to kill.  I decided to treat them as Bellicose Foot with the "Extra Shiny Armor" upgrade, for 6 points.  

Finally, the special.  The "Other," the 100 on the D100 roll.  A few more dice rolls determine exactly what it is that joins my warband, and it is...a cockatrice.  Ooh! Now there's something different! What do we do with that? A cockatrice isn't as big and nasty as a hydra, chimera or dragon, so I don't think the Greater Warbeast profile is quite right, but let's call it a Single Model Unit Lesser Warbeast.  Both historically and in the Warhammer lore, a cockatrice has a petrifying gaze ability that turns foes to stone at a distance.  The Flame Attack upgrade, granting the Lesser Warbeast a ranged attack, would model this nicely.  And the wide, batlike wings on the 1990 GW Cockatrice model also call for the "Fly" fantastical ability to be added on, so let's call that another 8 points.  

So let's see, that puts us at 26 out of our planned 30 points.  Hmmm.  I could throw in another unit of Thugs/Marauders for 4 points, or I could pull 2 points off an existing unit and add in a unit of Chaos Warriors as Elite Foot.  I don't really have any ranged capacity at present and I don't have a spellcaster present either, which could hamper me in future games, but on the other hand, I knew going in that this would not be a balanced force.  I'll think about it and get something squared away.  

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Lost and the Damned: Starting my Chaos Rampant Project

My big project for this summer/year is going to be building myself a fresh warband for Osprey's Dragon Rampant, and I've set myself some limitations to keep things extra interesting:
  • All figures must be metal, and either be pre-2000 Games Workshop or by new manufacturers working in the "Oldhammer" aesthetic.  
  • No two copies of the same sculpt can be used unless I do significant conversion work on one of them.  
  • All shields must have freehand designs painted on them, with an emphasis on John Blanche-inspired monstrous faces.  Realm of Chaos 80s' shield tutorial is my guide here.  
  • Every unit must have a standard bearer, which will be outfitted with a banner I've hand-painted.  Every unit can optionally have a Champion attached, which counts for two Strength Points instead of the usual one.  Champions will be mounted on a 40mm base instead of a 25mm one to show their status.  
  • I have to be able to field a viable 30-point warband before I can call the project complete.  

The army will be one of traditional WHFB Chaos; big angry guys in heavy plate armor, vicious thugs, raiders and marauders in a motley of lighter armor and miscellaneous weaponry, mutant beastmen and horrifying demons.  Because I'm selecting figures based on the "Oldhammer" vibe, color schemes will be likewise based on the examples Games Workshop's 'Eavy Metal team painted for the pages of White Dwarf back in the 1980s and early 1990s.  

Last night I got a start on two classic figures I managed to score of the Oldhammer Trading Group on Facebook, who will be part of a unit of various Thugs and Marauders; these guys are technically both.  Originally released in 1985 as part of the F5 Chaos Marauders line (or at least, intended for it), these two later showed up again in 1988 rebranded as Chaos Thugs, though their slotta tabs both still say "Marauder" on them.  

The axe-wielding Marauder with the big exposed beard was base-coated in Reaper's "Viper Green," and given a wash of GW "Biel-Tan Greenshade." Highlighting was done back up to Viper Green, and then the armor plates given an edge highlight of Vallejo "Escorpena Green." The raised portion of his left pauldron and his poleyns were then picked out in Reaper "Marigold Yellow," washed with GW "Casandora Yellow" and highlighted with Reaper "Sun Yellow." His beard was basecoated in "Ultramarine Shadow," and highlighted with drybrushings of "Ultramarine Blue" and "Ultramarine Highlight."

His shield used mostly the same greens as his armor, though I took the highlighting a step further with a little bit of Vallejo "Livery Green" over the "Escorpena Green." The face was also glazed with GW "Wayfarer Green" before the eyes and teeth were detailed.  

His buddy with the odd chain weapon had his armor basecoated with Vallejo "Squid Pink," and given a light wash of GW "Druchii Violet" before being built back up to Squid Pink.  The final highlight was Squid Pink with a few drops of Pure White mixed in.  Helmet, poleyns and elbow pieces were painted using the same Ultramarine triad I used on the first guy's beard.  Weapons were basecoated with Reaper "Tarnished Steel" and highlighted with "Pure Silver."

Bases were given a coating of Vallejo Sandy Paste prior to priming, and painted with Vallejo "Goblin Green." I'll probably go back and give them tops of them a drybrush of "Escorpena Green" to pick out the texture a little bit.  

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Troll Repairs

A couple months back I scored a trio of 6th edition Warhammer Stone Trolls on eBay.  These figures were some of the ones that first got me interested in wargaming and fantasy miniatures back around 2001-2002.  They came already affixed to 40mm square MDF bases with a couple pebbles glued down and magnets inserted into the bases.  I set them aside for the time being as I have a project in mind for them.

Today, I decided I might as well get them primed and ready while the weather's nice, and I noticed one of them had a gouge taken out of their chest.  Fortunately, I had just the tools to take care of that.  Using some "Blue Stuff" thermoplastic, I made a mold of another troll's chest who was in an almost identical pose.  I then packed the mold with Green Stuff epoxy putty, producing a replacement troll chest once the putty cured.  I trimmed it down and affixed it to the gouged-out troll, and while a little bit of the detail got warped (I pulled the putty from the mold too early), I think once it's painted you're barely going to be able to tell anything's been done.  Overall, I'm very pleased.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

More Frostgrave Terrain

I finally got around to digging out and painting a couple pieces of inexpensive 3D printed terrain that Gina bought me a while back for Frostgrave.  They aren't the best prints, with prominent printing lines across most surfaces (is this something that could have been sanded down?) but at arm's length or on a table surrounded by other terrain pieces they look just fine. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

"I am here. What dost thou wishest?"

One of the bigger non-scenery pieces I got in Reaper's Bones 4 Kickstarter was "Agramon, Pit Fiend." Unlike the previous sculpt of this character, whose size is somewhat disguised by his crouching pose, this version is striding forward purposefully, and we got our choice of right hands (open, holding a fireball, holding a cleaver-like sword, holding a crude stone sword) and heads (closed mouth or open).  After trying them all out, I went with the open right hand and the snarling face. 

Fully assembled he stands about 4" tall and has a wingspan just shy of 8".  He's a big boy, that's for sure, his sculpted base juuuuust overhanging the 50mm round base I glued it to. 

I expect most examples of this figure you'll see painted will be in darker shades of red, the bubbling pools on the sculpted base painted as lava, in keeping with depictions of Pit Fiends in more recent editions of Dungeons and Dragons.  I opted for a brilliant blue devil (basecoat Reaper "Sapphire Blue," followed by a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade, highlight with Sapphire Blue, then True Blue, and a final light highlight, mostly on the face and chest, of Sky Blue) and made those bubbling pools filled with fluorescent green slime (basecoat Vallejo Escorpena Green, washed with thinned Reaper Viper Green, highlighted Vallejo Livery Green, finally glazed with GW Wayfarer Green).

The wing membranes were basecoated with Vallejo Leather Brown, and washed with GW Seraphim Sepia.  They were highlighted with Reaper Golden Shadow, and then progressively lighter highlights built up towards the edges of the wings with Golden Skin and Golden Highlights.  Claws and horns were basecoated with Stained Ivory, highlighted with Yellowed Bone and Creamy Ivory. 

I normally don't mess around too much with lighting effects on figures, but once I saw how bright the green slime pools came out, I knew I wanted to give a glow effect to where the light from it would hit Agramon.  I think it came out pretty well this time. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

They Call Him...MISTER PIG!

Not much to report right now, but I did finish a "Dire Boar" out of the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter, which will serve admirably as a wild boar in my Frostgrave bestiary.  He's been glued to a 25x50 cavalry base and will be getting flocked probably tomorrow.

Body was basecoated in Brown Sand and the mane in Dark Skin, both washed with GW Seraphim Sepia and highlighted with Sandy Brown and Dark Highlights, respectively.  Not exactly a wild paint scheme, to be sure. I kind of think I maybe should have mixed some gray into the brown of the body, but overall I'm happy with this as a table-top ready piece.

I also started work on the new sculpt for "Agramon, Pit Fiend," a more dynamic sculpt with the demon lord striding forward purposefully, versus the crouched form of the previous sculpt.  I've basecoated the model in Reaper's "Sapphire Blue," because ultimately, I've never seen a blue Pit Fiend before and I think it'll look cool and different.  The kit came with four possible right hands and two different heads - I went with the open-mouthed, snarling head and an open right hand. He'll be fantastic as a Major Demon in my Frostgrave games.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Expanding My Frozen City

I'm not gonna lie, readers: I'm having some serious cravings to get some Frostgrave going again, and hopefully get a real campaign going.  Mordheim has been fun, but I'm finding I definitely prefer Frostgrave's simplicity and ease of play over the more number-crunchiness of Mordheim.  Both games, though, definitely call for a surplus of terrain on the table; I've described Frostgrave to non-gamers as "Magic Stalingrad," as warbands fight their way block by block through a ruined city.  To that end, I picked up a couple of scenery kits - the "Azyrite Township" and "Blasted Harrowheart" from my local Games Workshop store. 

Both kits came with multiple sprues of goldish-colored plastic to assemble ruined buildings for Age of Sigmar, providing cover to figures standing within 1" of them on the table, with a few sprues being in common between the two sets.  A few of the pieces were a little tricky to clip off the sprues but ultimately I had everything assembled - ten ruined building corners, two of which were two-story, along with a pair of grated trap-doors that I glued down to some spare 50mm square bases - in no time flat. 

The Blasted Harrowheart also gave me some heavy folded cardboard game boards to set the terrain up on, but we'll see if we actually use those; I kind of want to get a neoprene table mat with printed snow and cobblestones for Frostgrave games, but that might be down the road. 

Once everything was assembled, I undercoated the ruins in black and got to work.  I haven't started on any of the big pieces yet, but I've finished off seven of the smaller corner pieces.  Over a black basecoat, I drybrushed craft paint (as these were too big for me to want to use regular hobby paint) - a layer of "Espresso," followed by "Dark Grey" and a final drybrush of ordinary "Grey." Details were picked out in Reaper "Ancient Bronze" and "Blackened Steel," and the bricked-up archways were done with "Misty Gray" for the mortar and "Rust Brown" for the bricks.  I'm only posting pictures of two of these corner pieces, since they all look pretty much the same.

And just for fun, as long as I had these two pieces out, I grabbed a pair of handy figures and shot a quick vignette:

Monday, April 22, 2019

Ape Attack!

My shipment from Reaper Miniatures' Bones 4 Kickstarter arrived on Saturday, and digging through my new goodies I quickly felt the rising urge to get some painting in.  I decided on the "Ape Attack!" set - two ferocious-looking gorillas and one dressed in armor and carrying a sword. 

Not having yet painted any "White Gorillas" for my Frostgrave bestiary, I decided they would serve admirably.  I originally thought I'd do all three in different shades of "white" but ultimately ended up with the two feral gorillas having blue-white fur and a warmer, brown-shaded fur on the gladiator-ape.  Seeing as the Frostgrave apes are magical snow gorillas, the blue-shaded fur struck me as perfectly appropriate. 

Bare skin was picked out in Reaper's "Golden Skin Triad," the gums and inner mouths based in "Old West Rose" followed by a wash of Reikland Flesh Shade, and the teeth picked out in "Stained Ivory." Eyes were painted "Viper Green" just to do something different. 

Just bases left to be painted and I can get some varnish on them.  I'm definitely feeling a serious hankering for some Frostgrave action again some time soon. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter Shout-Out

Just wanted to do a quick post shouting out a Kickstarter I'm backing, Knightmare Games' "Pantheon of Chaos 3: Rise of the Beastmen" to produce more Oldhammer-appropriate beastmen and Chaos Thug-types for their on-going "Pantheon of Chaos" line.  It's a week out from completion and the next stretch-goal is a free bonus Chaos Warrior for everyone backing at the 50-euro mark or higher. 

I recently ordered a handful of Knightmare's Chaos figures to get a sense of them in terms of size and casting, and I love them.  Very crisp casts, unique and imaginative sculpts.  The figures I received have a mix of tabbed and untabbed feet, and because consumers have a variety of needs regarding bases, so Diego at Knightmare does not include bases with his figures.  I've got some on order, the four-armed Chaos Raider Champion is actually too big for any of the slotta-bases I had handy. 

I'm so taken with these, and with the new sculpts from the Kickstarter, that I've made the decision to replace all the Age of Sigmar-era plastic figures in my Dragon Rampant Chaos warband with metal figures, primarily from Knightmare, with the goal of having every figure in the warband be a unique sculpt.  With the breadth of Knightmare's expanding "Pantheon of Chaos" line, I think it's going to be easily done. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Arnulf's Black Fire Dogs

I promised better photos of the Averlanders I'd painted up for Mordheim, and here they are, the first seven at any rate.  I've got some swordsmen, handgunners and halberdiers to paint up in the near future:

Captain Arnulf von Grenzstadt.  The shield is actually from Wargames Foundry.

Sergeant Martin rallies the troops. The flag is simply painted paper glued around the flagpole.

Franz and Sturm, a pair of rangers pressganged into the Averland Army as "Bergjaegers."

Big Top, Chicken Wing, and Fat Jimmy - the Halfling Brigade.  Fat Jimmy has actually died
and will not be appearing in future games.  A Rat Ogre stepped on him.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Adventuring in the City of the Damned

My local Warhammer store (not to be confused with Just Games, my usual gaming haunt) has begun hosting, surprisingly, Mordheim, even though Games Workshop no longer supports the game. 

Mordheim, for those unfamiliar, was and is a skirmish game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.  The City of Mordheim was destroyed by a comet-strike, which scattered the landscape of the ruined city with a valuable magical mineral called Wyrdstone.  Various gangs and factions descended on the ruins, fighting among themselves for possession of the Wyrdstone.  In a lot of ways, Frostgrave is a spiritual successor to Mordheim. 

The store's rule is that we can use their space for Mordheim as long as we use primarily GW figures.  So, wanting in, I sourced a bunch of older metal Empire figures off eBay and started assembling a warband for the province of Averland - in large part because I'm bored with painting red and blue armies, and Averland's colors are black and yellow. 

I've played two games so far, and while I was forced to go to my first game with bare metal (owing to the weather not cooperating for priming and my fiance being sick), I did get them painted up for my second game, this past weekend, though the bases still need flocking and I need to make a flag for my sergeant.  My hobbits have developed a nasty habit of dying, though, and I've got some more melee-oriented figures on my project bench. 

Here's a group shot of what I've painted so far, individual pictures to come:

Front Row, Left to Right: the Halflings "Chickenwing," "Fat Timmy" and "Big Top."
Back Row, Left to Right: Captain Arnulf von Grenzstadt, Sergeant Martin, and the Bergjaeger, Sturm and Franz

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cultists of the Vampire, and Getting a Game In

The second unit of my Vampire Countess warband for Dragon Rampant is complete.  A band of fanatical cultists, dressed in blood-red robes and hoods and armed with an assortment of rusty blades, serving the Countess Winterthorn in the hopes of being gifted with eternal life.  In game terms, they're a unit of Bellicose Foot, quick on the charge but a little fragile in sustained fights.  They're made from North Star's excellent "Frostgrave Cultists" plastic set. 

In other news, I actually got my first game of Dragon Rampant in last week.  I threw together a 30-point list using my old Age of Sigmar Chaos figures and some Reaper demons I'd painted up:

Rhakosk the Arcane (Light Foot, Spellcaster, Single Model Unit) - 7
Khairic Acolytes (Light Foot, Wizardling) - 5
Chaos Warriors (Elite Foot) - 6
Chaos Warriors (Elite Foot) - 6
Bakarathi Demons (Bellicose Foot, Cause Fear, Reduced Model Unit) - 6

And brought them to Just Games' new location, which had just opened that day - two doors down from the old location and twice the space for gaming.  Neil brought his Moonclan Grots (Age of Sigmar's renaming of Night Goblins). 

We had a great game, our two armies converging on a plain dotted with ruined buildings.  Since we were both playing the game for the first time, we skipped on playing a scenario and just did a straight-up death match.  Though his Squig Knights and Fanatics polished off my Khairic Acolytes and I lost a few Chaos Warriors and Bakarathi along the way, ultimately the goblins were reduced to a single unit of archers fleeing for safety. 

The towering Bakarathi, armed with an assortment of cruel weapons,
bound into a unit of Night Goblins ready to slaughter the little green goons.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing a scenario next time.  This list is going to need some tweaking - I'm going to put the "Undead - No Feelings" special rule on the Bakarathi to keep them from failing courage checks, for example.