Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gaming Loot 2015

Here's what Santa (and by Santa, I mean the Lovely Gina and my mother) delivered unto me:

Mom was kind enough to give me the Lion Rampant ruleset (which I read through some today - I was not expecting the amount of humor in Daniel Mersey's writing that was there.  The Serfs entry had me rolling) and the Malifaux starter set, while Gina got me a stack of Reaper Miniatures.  In case you can't read the labels from the pictures, she got me:

  • "Cactus Joe, Gorilla Gunslinger" (on the grounds that I love gorillas and "this seemed so pulpy for you Bill."
  • "Black Mist, Vigilante" (furthering the Pulp theme, since this is The Shadow in all but name - even his girasol ring is depicted!)
  • "Sasquatch" (I'm a sucker for Bigfoot stuff, even though I'm not a believer)
  • "Crazy Pete, Prospector" ("It's Old Man Walter!" Gina said, referencing a character from my last D&D game)
  • "Nadia of the Blade" (on account that she couldn't let me go without getting a barbarian woman)
All of these will be getting painted up for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, with Nadia of the Blade being recruited into my second Frostgrave warband, the "Sisterhood," while Sasquatch will be incorporated into one of my bonus round entries.  Which one? I'm not telling...


  1. A very Merry Christmas to you Bill, you certainly hit the jackpot with the Xmas haul! No doubt we'll see them over at the Challenge blog soon!

  2. You had obviously been a very good boy!

    1. This is my reward for all the nights I didn't fight Gina for possessions of the covers :)

  3. A nice Christmas collection Bill!!