Tuesday, May 16, 2023

New Terrain Acquired!

 Good evening readers. Today happens to be my birthday (36 this year), and my lovely wife was kind enough to treat me to some terrain for modern/post apocalyptic skirmishing, as she'd seen how much I enjoyed working on the Sarissa Precision Guard House last month.

First up, she got me two more Sarissa kits - a residential trailer and a gas station! The residential trailer looks like it will be a pretty easy build (knock on wood), and maybe I'll get a few more and some model chainlink fence and make myself a proper trailer park. The broad base on it lends itself to diorama as well - I could put an old couch, a dog house, or any number of things next to the trailer and tell a little story with it.

Secondly, she picked up this 3D-printed doughnut shop from Etsy, with the rationale that it makes a good companion to the gas station; given the role our local gas station convenience store and doughnut shop plays in our lives, this is an entirely reasonable rationale. It's got a removable roof and the interior is open, so I'll be adding a counter and some seating, as well as cutting some window panes from acetate. 

I'm excited for these buildings to be playable inside and out, and not just blocking off a section of the table. I have 13 more figures I need to finish off for my Oldhammer Orc project first, and then I'll work on some of this.


  1. Great presents. Hope you had a great day Bill!

  2. What a thoughtful wife, well selected by you Bill!

    1. I will be the first to tell anyone that I married up. And granted, I gave her a wishlist with about 10 different items, not all of them terrain, for her to shop from. But she definitely exhibited a keen eye in selecting items off the list!