Sunday, July 31, 2022

Life Update

 July's been a challenging month for me, painting-wise. Just been too hot, and our air-conditioner doesn't reach my painting desk. And I would have liked to have had a game to report today, but my printer was out of ink and I really didn't want to copy down gang rosters by hand and then try to decipher my own handwriting. 

I have gotten a few figures started for a Fistful of Lead Fantasy game I've got in mind, and I may play through another game or two of Fantasy in August as well. 

 This is "Kanag the Slayer," a Reaper Bones figure from the Bones 4 Kickstarter. He came with a pretty snazzy integral base, rough dungeon stone with some shackles bolted to them, but I had to carefully cut him off of it so that I could paint his cape more easily. Colors right now are Turbodork "Absinthe" for the armor and "Let Them Eat Cake," a colorshift paint, for the face on the shield. His cloak is base-coated in Reaper "Violet Red" and highlighted with "Pale Violet Red." Various metallic accents will be gold, steel and silver, and once I paint that dungeon stone base he'll be glued back on to it. 

And as to more exciting matters...after almost 12 years with my partner, and referring to ourselves as "married in all but paperwork" for the last several years, we went down to the town courthouse this past week and filled out our paperwork. 


  1. well...
    i feel ya on this heat. the morning sun heats up the room where my desk is in, and just feels uncomfortable even with AC on. i wait till nightfall to paint stuff.
    that Slayer came out pretty nice. i havent really done anything with any colored armor other than silver or gray. might have to give it a try..
    and also congratz on the paperwork marriage.
    a nice size battle report is in order to celebrate!!

  2. Sorry to hear that it has been a slow month for painting but many congratulations on 'tying the knot'!