Monday, July 3, 2017

Move Complete

Well, with the installation of a Wi-Fi modem in the apartment today, I think we can officially call ourselves moved in.  Sure, there's still the kitchen to unpack, but the cabinets all need a serious scrub-down before that can happen.  But the bedroom is set, the living room is pretty well set, and gosh darn it, I got the first batch of miniatures out of storage to start work on.

The Facebook group for Dragon Rampant runs a monthly painting competition, just for fun, to get people motivated to paint and get their units on the table.  Every participant has one week to paint a unit for Dragon Rampant.  This month, I decided to enter (because I'm a loon, to be sure, trying to get an entry in when I just moved), with "King Denethall and his Guards," a reduced-model unit of Offensive Heavy Foot.  The idea being, as the unit loses Strength Points, I remove guards until just the King is left, and then I use a counter for the last six Strength Points before I remove him.

King Denethall is #2369 from Reaper's Dark Heavens Legends line, while the guards are Anhurian Swordsmen from the Bones line.  I've got a dozen Anhurian bowmen in the closet for next month to paint up as a Light Missiles unit, and then I've got my eye on picking up a dozen Anhurian Spearmen to serve as Heavy Foot and a half-dozen War Dogs to serve as Lesser Warbeasts.  Beyond that I'll still have 6 points to spend to get a 24-point warband, so we'll see where that ends up.


  1. As an alternative to a counter, have you thought about adding a dice frame to the base and using that (with a die of course!) to record how many strength points are remaining?

    1. Hmm, not sure I left enough space on the base for a die (oh, how I wish I still had the baby six-siders that came with that Pirates of the Spanish Main card game), but that's something I'll definitely be looking at doing for future command stands or multi-wound models like this!