Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dragon Rampant Challenge Day 6 - Complete!

I'm very pleased to report that I finished my Dragon Rampant unit for the painting challenge on the FB group today.  I'm really pleased with how they came out, especially the basing - I picked up a "round" of "Meadow flock" by Gale Force 9 from my FLGS today, not really sure what to expect, but it looks good applied over my usual Army Painter-brand medium brown grit.  Now to wait for the humidity to come down (probably in a few days) so I can varnish them!

If I threw a 2-point fantastical rule on this unit - Mystical Armor or something like that - I could do an 8-point "micro match" against the Wraiths I painted up back in May.  I've got my next unit for this warband lined up - a dozen archers - just waiting to be unpacked, washed and based.  But I think I'll paint a unit of skeletons next to break up the red.  Ultimately I'm going to have two Dragon Rampant retinues, these "Men of the West" types and then the "Legion of Nesuahyrrah," an undead group composed almost exclusively of skeletons.

In other news...

This Tuesday I'm starting up running RPGs at my FLGS again, though instead of Call of Cthulhu I'll be running 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons; demand is higher for the world's original role-playing game and with our rent going up in the new place the store credit for running a weekly game will come very much in handy in supporting my hobby needs.  While I thought about running in a homebrew setting (and may do so once this campaign wraps) for now I'll be running in Gary Gygax's beloved setting of Oerth, exploring the World of Greyhawk.


  1. Wonderful job, the leader is awesome!

    1. Thank you Phil! He had the crispest detail to work with, being metal - I love the cost of the Bones figures, and their sturdiness when being handled, but sometimes the detail on them is a little soft.