Friday, June 9, 2017

So Maybe I Lied a Little...

So I know last post I said things would be quiet around here due to the upcoming move; this has not stopped me from picking up a figure (my "lead pile" is already packed up, so I *had* to buy a new figure) from Just Games and putting some paint on it to mark the end of the work week and blow off some steam.

This is a "Cave Troll" from Reaper's Bones line, though originally released in metal many years ago.  I love this sculpt and it really defines what a "troll" is to me, in fantasy terms; this is the image that term brings to mind, with the pointed ears, upturned nose and massive underbite.

I tend to see this figure done in shades of gray-green, blue-gray, or dark, slate-y gray; I decided to go more "albino cave monster that wallows in its own filth."

I basecoated the skin in Reaper's "Leather Brown," a good yellow ochre shade; over this, I did a heavy drybrush of a 40-60 mix of Leather Brown and "Aircraft Gray" (50-50 looked too yellow still, not gray enough).  Once that was dry I washed the figure with a thinned down coat of "Wild West Rose" and, once that dried, I gave the whole figure an extra-heavy drybrush of straight "Aircraft Gray," followed by a lighter drybrush of a 50-50 mix of Aircraft Gray and Pure White.

Tusks and nails were picked out in Stained Ivory, and the loincloth was painted Worn Olive.  The troll's scalp and body hair, as well as the loincloth, were then washed with Citadel "Nuln Oil" to grease them up.

Still the base left to do, but otherwise not bad for about two hours' worth of work (quite a bit of which was waiting for the rose wash to dry).


  1. Great job Bill and I'm glad I'm not the only one that 'has' to by miniatures. ;)

    1. You know, sometimes you just need to get some paint flowing to take the edge off the work-week!