Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Welcome Back to the Land of the Living...Now Grab a Shovel and Start Digging!"

I got a lot more done on the commander for my undead retinue for Dragon Rampant than I'd anticipated today.  To wit, I finished him, basing and all.  The Dread Lich Nesuahyrrah is now ready to lead legions upon legions of animated skeletons into battle.

As a reminder, this is Bones #77280, Lich, with a tombstone and emergent skeleton that came packaged together as Dark Heavens Legend # 02043, meaning its been in the Reaper catalog for quite a long time!

Notes on the colors, because I know I'm going to need them again with the rest of this army...

  • Cloth: basecoat black, heavy drybrush "Midnight Blue," lighter drybrush "Twilight Blue."
  • Bone: basecoat black, drybrush with Stained Ivory/Yellowed Bone/Creamy Ivory triad.  
  • Armor: basecoat black, basecoat 50/50 mix Leather Brown/Ancient Bronze, wash Nuln Oil, highlight Ancient Bronze, highlight True Silver, wash Nuln Oil
  • Skin: basecoat black, basecoat Ghoul Skin, highlight Moldy Skin
  • Stone: basecoat black, drybrush Stormy Gray/Cloudy Gray/Misty Gray
  • Staff: Basecoat Dark Flesh, drybrush Dark Highlights
  • Leather: Lonestar Leather
  • Belt Buckle: Antique Gold
  • Base: Earth Brown
  • Eyes: Phoenix Red, Fire Orange

While I can't fault the results, I do kind of wish I'd picked a simpler recipe for the armor, because now I think I need to continue that recipe through the rest of the army for consistency's sake.  It does look really good.