Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dragon Rampant Challenge, Day 2

After two days of painting, I'm on good track to have my King and Bodyguards finished within the 7 day time frame of the Dragon Rampant painting challenge.  On Monday I took care of the chainmail, helmets, shield rims and swords - basecoat black, paint Reaper "True Silver," wash Citadel "Nuln Oil" - and yesterday I handled the red of the tunics, hoods, shields and the King's cloak.

Our armor may not shine, but it's not going to rust, either.
Reds have been basecoated Reaper "Deep Red."
"Blood Red" has been painted over the reds in two thin coats.
Reds have been highlighted with "Phoenix Red," then glazed with "Blood Red"
My vacation is over and I'm back to work today, but hopefully in the evening I'll get some work done on their trousers.  After that it's just leather bits, skin, the king's beard and the fur-trim of his cloak, and the gold bits.

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