Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paint Table Saturday: Frostgrave Additions

Completed a couple additions to my Summoner warband this week - I think this is going to become my primary warband for Frostgrave.  I like the aesthetics of my band (yay limited palette) and I've got a nice variety of figures here - I've got my eye on some more Thugs, and I have a figure in mind for a Captain if I pick up the "Sellsword" supplement.  I think it's a warband with a pretty good degree of tactical flexibility and I love painting demons.  I'm planning on painting up a few more of those just for variety on the table.

The newest additions to the warband are a pair of Crossbowmen and a Thief; the Thief, (Reaper's "Deladrin, Assassin") may get upgraded to a Treasure Hunter later on to better reflect the weaponry sculpted on the figure, but that's down the line once we're in campaign mode.

With her crouching pose and flowing cape, Deladrin is a bit of a pain to try and photograph; it is refreshing to see a female figure sculpted by Werner Klocke who isn't standing with her ankles pressed together and her derriere presented - I really love the posture here.  And Klocke's women all have beautiful faces that are easy to paint - his sculpts are the only ones I can consistently paint the eyes on.  In addition to the dark red, dark gray and leather, I did her cloak black on the outside, red on the inside in honor of another character who hides in shadows and knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men - which reminds me, I still need to finish painting that sculpt of The Shadow that I've got...

Then we have a figure that may be used as an Armored Skeleton in regular play, but will be my representation of the Lich Lord should we play the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" campaign.  Reaper's "Skeleton Champion" has a fantastic supervillain pose going for him, and I love the cackling skull.

This is one of the first figures in a while where I went in with a color scheme intended to say something about the figure; in this case, I chose gold for the Lich Lord's armor (basecoated black, drybrushed Reaper Antique Gold, then highlighted with Reaper New Gold) to suggest the imperishability of the Lich Lord, and went with a Tyrean purple (Reaper Nightshade Purple, highlighted with Imperial Purple) for his cloak to tie him back in to an ancient and fallen kingdom.

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