Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Frostgrave Tonight

Tonight I will be playing my first game of Frostgrave, and my first wargame period - Yes! After years and years of painting toy soldiers and day-dreaming about pushing them across a table in mock combat, it's finally happening.

I'm hoping my generalship will look like this:

But I imagine it will be more like this:

Either way, wish me luck and expect an after-action report!


  1. My experience with Frostgrave thus far (hardly extensive) has been that boy-howdy are d20's swingy. I'm still figuring out if strategery is useful or if it's a fully luck-driven game.

    I will note that it looks like it's a much more interesting game when played across multiple, sequenced games as opposed to a single "Let's play a single game of Frostgrave."

    1. Thanks Richard! I tried to account for the swinginess of the d20 in putting together my list by focusing on spells with lower activation numbers, maybe I'll manage to get a couple off.

      I did spend the last few hours texting with my father, a military historian, for advice on how best to use my forces - simplifying my description of the different troop types as "light infantry," "heavy infantry" etc. for his ease in understanding. He gave me some advice based on Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, but followed it up with a reminder that Napoleon stated he'd rather have lucky generals than smart ones. We'll see if any of his advice comes to fruition tonight.

    2. Smart. Given that 1) successfully casting a spell directly maps to XP, 2) you effectively only get one attempt/turn, and 3) d20s, man: there's a STRONG motivator to make sure you're taking those low-difficulty spells.

      In the campaign that we just started, we're using these house rules someone turned up: . As it turns out, because there's a huge incentive for your Wizard to murder other models, _especially_ other Wizards, campaign play skews even more heavily in favor of wizards only taking and casting offensive spells. By fiddling with the XP table, it makes things a little more balanced across the schools from game to game. That's the theory, at least.

    3. Thanks for the link! If tonight's test-drive leads to a full campaign those may come in handy.