Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Night WIP

I got a little bit of painting done tonight - the high humidity definitely slowed the drying time of my paints, meaning I got less done than I would have liked, but I still made some definite progress.  Four figures, all intended for Frostgrave; a pair of Reaper Bones "Anhurian Crossbowmen" will be joining the Diabolists of Belphegor, as will "Deladrin, Female Assassin" in the role of Thief.  My lineup for that warband, then, will be Wizard, Apprentice, Knight, two Crossbowmen, two Thieves and three Thugs, though I'm debating painting a couple extra Thugs to take the place of the Thieves.  The limited palette of dark red/black/gray/brown/steel/bright red definitely speeds the painting process and allows for assembly-line painting.

 Behind them, resplendent in his golden armor...*gasp!* Could this be the Lich Lord himself? Reaper's "Skeletal Champion" certainly has the supervillain pose and cackling, wide-mouthed skull to be the legendary undead wizard.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow night I'll be able to get down some tarnished steel on the armor and weapons of the Crossbowmen and Thief, pick out trousers and maybe do their various leathers; Deladrin is wearing studded leather armor and the guys have an assortment of belts, quivers, backpacks, and of course boots to be done in Reaper's "Lonestar Leather," a shade reminiscent of GW's "Snakebite Leather" from back when I originally got my start painting toy soldiers.  I'd like to be able to highlight the Lich Lord's skull and paint the rocks he's standing on while I'm at it.

While I won't be meeting Tom for Frostgrave this week, it simply will not do to show up with half-painted figures.  No sir.


  1. Just at the moment I'd love a slower drying time, summer has finally arrived in the UK.

    1. Trade you, Michael, this humidity is more than I can take!