Monday, August 8, 2016

Additions to my Frostgrave Bestiary

I just got a few figures finished, additions to my bestiary of Frostgrave monsters - specifically, a couple skeletons, some armored skeletons, and a Frost Giant (as represented by a Hill Giant, as I've wanted this specific figure since it was first released in metal, and I'm not super keen on any of the currently available Reaper Bones Frost Giants).  I apologize for the lousy lighting - I'm taking pictures in my kitchen (the backdrop is actually my refrigerator), and I think I need the early afternoon sun filtering in combined with the overhead lights to really bring out the colors of the figures.

very basic color scheme, since these are mooks that'll go down easy in a fight.

debating going back and adding a patina wash to the bronze armor on these guys.

can't be read from here, but I wrote some rude messages in runes on his armor.
His shoulder pad reads "SONS OF YMIR" and his belly plate is just plain vulgar.

I was originally going to do runic tattoos with a "viking biker gang" theme - LOVE and HATE
on his knuckles, for example, and SONS OF YMIR was originally going to be done across
his shoulders, but I was nervous about messing it up.
I'm really pleased with how this bunch came out, and I'm even more pleased to report I'm finally getting to play Frostgrave this week; my friend Tom bought a copy of the book from our FLGS and will be borrowing one of my warbands to test it out with.  I will be posting an after-action report Wednesday night or Thursday!


  1. Excellent work Bill, that Hill Giant is a beast of a model.

    1. He is indeed! I can't imagine the strain my wrists would have taken if I'd tried to do the metal version!

  2. Great stuff Bill, and some more tempting minis on display!! Though I've only just forgiven you for forcing me to buy a Reaper Flesh Golem on account of your previous tip top paint-job :-)

    1. Don't blame me, blame Reaper's talented sculptors!