Sunday, November 8, 2015

There is More to Manliness than Machismo Alone

November is Movember, dedicated to raising the profile of men's health risks, especially in the areas of prostate and related cancers as well as men's mental health - an issue that many men suffer in silence on, deeming it "unmanly" to ask for help.

Bob Murch of Pulp Figures is, for the third year running, raising money for Movember and offering an exclusive figure, only available for the month of November, in exchange for donations.  This year's figure, shown to the left, is rugged adventurer Captain Krustache of the Kashgar, with guns drawn and furry vest belted tight against the chill of the Gobi nights.

Pulp Figures has long been my number one preferred source for figures - I love the amount of character in every sculpt, as well as the clean lines and (in most cases) minimal flash to clean up.  As a man who has experienced mental health issues in the past and manned up enough to ask for help, I recognize what big issues these can be, and I was happy to donate to the cause - getting a figure in exchange was gravy.

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