Friday, November 6, 2015

Fire Spiders!

I had some free time today, and I had a couple cleaned and prepped Reaper Bones figures - a pair of Giant Spiders - sitting on my work table.  I'd spent a lot of time trying to repose the legs on these fellows into more dynamic poses only to have them slowly revert towards their original positions after their baths in boiling and ice water.  I'd seen these spiders painted up in purples and greens, as well as a number of examples people had painted up as "Ice Spiders," in shades of blues and whites.  I decided, if there were so many Ice Spiders, then there needed to be Fire Spiders as well, and thus was my color scheme decided.  I'll take better pictures tomorrow but for now here's a shot of the pair.

I think these will be among the last Bones figures I paint; I thought I had a good handle on working with the material after Cthulhu, but I've just had a lot of hassles with other figures in this line, and I've had enough.  Gina has recommended I go back to metal figures and work slowly and paint beautiful display pieces.


  1. I love the colours on those, great job Sir.

    1. Thank you Sir Michael! These were a quick and easy paintjob - I did both figures in their entirety in about two hours last night, including drying time, and used only a total of four colors - yellow, bright orange, a slightly darker orange, and black. Looking at them now in the light of day, I'm cringing a little bit - I'm finding a lot of itty bitty spots where paint never wound up, especially around the joints of the legs.