Saturday, November 21, 2015

Paint Table Saturday: Mounties and Rocket Corps, FINISHED!

Not so much what is *on* my paint table this week, as what came *off* the paint table today.  The Mounties and Rocket Corps from Pulp Figures that I posted in-progress shots of last week are now more or less done; nothing special has been done with their bases, because these figures were more about reminding my hands what to do when presented with a paint brush and figure than any sort of special project.  I bought the figures on a whim, I painted them on a whim; a whim they remain.

Also, check out my excellent photography backdrop; that's two sheets of gray foam padding from the local hardware store, set at a 90-degree angle facing a window with the curtains opened.  We're reaching the time of year here where the sky is just about that shade of gray during the day, so I figured I'd take advantage of whatever vestige of sunlight I could garner.


  1. Vey nice Bill, just to say there is a pulp side challenge if that might be of interest.

    1. You don't say, Michael...I just might have to jump into that!