Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paint Table Saturday - Pulp Figures' Rocket Corps and Mounties

One very nice thing I've been seeing in the miniature painting/wargaming side of the hobby is "Paint Table Saturdays," in which bloggers show off what they've got on their work benches on any given Saturday for others to comment on and offer commendation and encouragement.  It's a very friendly thing and as I get back into painting my little toy soldiers, I thought I'd offer up my own Paint Table Saturday this weekend.

I dug out two packs I'd purchased a while back from Pulp Figures to work on this weekend; I love Bob Murch's richly characterful sculpts and clean lines, and his figures are always a joy to paint.  Given that he also worked on RAFM's Call of Cthulhu line, these figures fit nicely with that range.  I'm not sure what inspired me to buy a pack of Canadian Mounties, other than perhaps I'd read a piece of Mountie fiction; the Rocket Corps are an obvious one, given my long and deep-seated love for Disney's adaptation of Dave Stevens' love letter to the pulps.

The figures were cleaned and glued to 20mm plastic bases (courtesy Wargames Factory), and then given an undercoat of black Krylon since it was warm enough to go out and prime on the porch today.  I've begun basecoating the major color blocks of the figures as well; red being such a finicky color in general, and doubly so over a black undercoat, the Mounties' jackets have been based with burgundy so I can layer up to a bright cardinal red.

My "work bench" is also my dining room table, so I won't be able to leave these guys up overnight (since I do have to get to work on Italian chicken and broccoli alfredo in a little while), but I'm hoping to get a little more work done on them maybe tonight, and certainly tomorrow.

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