Sunday, December 31, 2023

RIP Bryan Ansell

 We lost an absolute giant yesterday with the passing of Bryan Ansell.


I had been planning to get my Oldhammer Orc army out on the table for the twice-yearly review. But in Bryan's memory, we roll up our sleeves. Today, we're all Mighty, Dark-Winged, Avenging Lords of Chaos.


  1. saw this the other day and man such a sad loss for the community.
    i remember the first time i saw that pic of Ansell with his army i thought "what an awesome mullet" and the caption to that pic was great as well.
    that orc army is very impressive and i have to say im jealous.
    it screams OLDHAMMER! big banners and lots of boyz!!

  2. Yes, it was very sad news...
    Your O&G army looks nice :)
    I also have a very big greenskins army hidden in a boxes...
    Coloured Dust