Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hobby Shop Recommendations in London/Leeds/York?

Over lunch this afternoon, my mother reminded me that she and my father are going to England on vacation at the end of the month, and mentioned wanting to buy wargaming materials for me while she's there, since she'd noticed so many wargaming companies are based in the UK.  Since I've found some good friends in the UK who are wargamers, she asked me for recommendations for hobby shops in London (especially around Piccadilly), Leeds and York.

So I ask you, fellow wargamers and miniatures-painters - where do you shop in London, Leeds and York?


  1. The Orcs Nest in London. There are others I believe.

  2. Two model shops in York. Monk Bar model,shop by the city wall at Monk Bar. P and S Models on Walmgate

    Board game shop , Travelling Man on Goodramgate ,

    All 3 within 5-10 mins walk

  3. Just up the road from Orc's Nest is Forbidden Planet. Not a gaming store it still has games and lots of fun stuff for most gamers.
    Also check out Dark Sphere

  4. Dark Sphere got a number of votes on Facebook as well, so that's where I ended up directing my mother.