Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dance of the Vampires

Well, not so much dancing as stalking, lunging, hunting! I finished my Vargheists today, completing the unit of them to serve as Werewolves for Kings of War.  I'm really glad I decided to elevate the center figure on the altar; otherwise there was going to be no way I was going to get these bad boys lined up on their bases.

Bodies are basecoated Reaper's Ghoul Skin, highlighted with Moldy Skin followed by a final highlight of Bloodless Skin.  The wing membranes got a base coat of Reaper's Dark Flesh, followed by a highlight of Dark Highlight, and a final highlight with Tanned Shadow.  The altar was basecoated in Stormy Gray, highlighted with Cloudy Gray and a final highlight of Misty Gray.

All in all, I'm really very happy with how they came out, and they provide a nice standard for me to try and maintain through the rest of the army.

Bela has a posse.


  1. Dark, mysterious and great painting Vargheists!

  2. Super work Bill, I really like these, quite tempted myself.

    1. Thank you Michael, I have to say they are a bit fiddly to put together; two of them have a three-piece torso and the third has a four-piece one, and the wings don't attach intuitively - I had to refer to the box art a couple times to make sure I was putting the wings on at the right angle.