Saturday, October 22, 2016

Paint Table Saturday: Black Phillip of Frostgrave

So this Wednesday I've got a Frostgrave match scheduled against my friend Tom, and I've decided to bring out my Goetia-style Summoner warband, the Diabolists of Belphegor to try and best him.  Tom has years of wargaming experience on me, but as I'm just looking for a friendly game, it doesn't faze me.  I did, however, try to reflect on what I'd learned from my last match-up with Tom, and adjust my merry band of hellions appropriately.

As I played around with different combinations of figures, weighing my options based on what I had painted, I kept coming up with a deficit - two slots left in my available ten, and enough gold to make filling those slots a matter of honest debate.  I had a couple options, including going with a smaller force composed of higher-value troops or buying and painting more figures to fill in the gaps.

I decided to pay a visit to my Friendly Local Gaming Store, Just Games, last night, and peruse the racks of Reaper figures and see if anything jumped out at me.  And jump out at me something did!

I've gone with a very traditionally occult/Satanic look for my Summoners (and in my repeat use of this warband, and especially while painting this figure, I've had to repeatedly reassure my girlfriend that I'm not some secret Satanist), and a Reaper Bones "Beastman" popped out at me as having a very Baphomet/Goat of Mendes sort of look to him.  And thus "Black Phillip" joined the Diabolists!

He looks a bit more blue here than he does in person - I basecoated the areas of fur and bare skin with black, then highlighted with drybrushes of Reaper "Stormy Gray" and "Cloudy Gray," then drybrushed the horns and picked out the belt and arm bands in "Lonestar Leather."  The loincloth is Reaper "Blood Red" to tie him in with the clothing worn by the rest of the warband, as are his eyes.  His lips and gums are "Dusty Rose", his teeth "Yellow Bone" and the axe handle "Leather Brown," matching the crossbows and weapon hafts used by other members of the warband.  The base is coated with "Army Painter" medium grit, then a layer of their snow flock.

The last coat of varnish is drying on him now, and on Wednesday he'll be ready to follow the wizard Belphegor into glorious battle.


  1. What a great looking miniature Bill, quite fancy one of those myself.

    1. He's well worth it! This is "Beastman 2" in the Bones line, there's three different beastmen total.