Friday, October 21, 2016

Kickstarter Notice: Forge of Ice's "Sleepy Sentries and Sleazy Merchant"

I figured I should give this one a plug here, since I am backing it (and doing so a bit higher than I had originally planned for), so here goes:

Forge of Ice, a small miniatures company based out of Alaska, is running a Kickstarter to fund a production run of their latest figures, a set of six guards (two alert, four asleep at their posts) suitable for various "Lost World" and "Sword & Sorcery" settings, along with the fat, sleazy merchant they work for.  Various other figures from Forge of Ice are available as add-ons.

I'm currently backing it for the four sleepy guards, with the two Snake Priestesses as my add-ons.  I say currently because I believe some stretch goals are still to be added as well as additional add-ons.  So I may be adding more to my pledge before the Kickstarter ends (just two weeks left!) and adding more figures to my order.  We shall see.

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  1. Thanks very much for the pledge and the signal boost! I will be adding more add-ons, and almost certainly one, possibly two more free rewards. I'm waiting to get an estimate back from the caster on some more add-ons, and I should hear back from a sculptor soon on the second free reward.

    -Forge of Ice