Sunday, March 6, 2016

Frostgrave Warband: Belphegor's Diabolists

Another band of cut-throats and dastards seen among the ruins of Felstad.  I wanted to go for a darker, more Goetic look for my Summoner and his gang, so I went with Reaper's Cultists for my Wizard and Apprentice, and kept a very muted, unified color scheme - black, dark red, blood red, tarnished steel - throughout the group.  The two half-fiends, my Thief and one of my Knights, as well as the two Imps and two Warhounds, received a highlight of Phoenix Red to make their skin tones pop a little bit.  Reaper's "Vandorenda, Snake Demon" is my Minor Demon, because it's going to be a few levels of play before she's no longer the biggest baddest thing I can summon.  The Coral Snake color scheme on her lower half is my default for these kinds of demons - when I painted another copy of this figure many years ago, that was the color scheme I went with, and again when I commissioned artwork for a similar monster for a D&D campaign.

Things I'm really pleased with in this bunch - the free-hand on the book and shields, how nicely unified everything came out, Vandorenda's flaming hair, and the albino skin-tone and hair for my second knight, the anti-paladin Cassiatta.

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