Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Kraken Wakes

Here's the first set of shots of Cthulhu finished:

As you can see, the "nature-inspired" pattern I mentioned yesterday has resolved itself into a series of leopard-spots, done in dark green and a deep, nearly-black purple to break up all the medium green and because who else has a leopard-print Cthulhu? No one, that's who.

I've got to start getting ready to drive out to Buffalo for the finale of Christmas, so some close-up shots of things like his eyes and the spots themselves will have to wait until I get back.


  1. Leopard print cthulhu - daring yet strangely alluring. Excellent work.

  2. Oh well done! I nearly missed this as we were travelling home from Christmas; I definitely think that I need to read some Lovecraft.