Saturday, December 13, 2014

Can We Just Talk About How Great This Is For A Second?

This is the Persian Infantry sprue bundle from Wargames Factory.  For $2 and change, you get six of these little sprues, each of which has the parts to produce two infantry figures in a variety of armament configurations.  I bought ten of these bundles, because I have problems like that.  I don't even have any plans to do anything that would require or even suggest the use of 120 Persians.  I just bought them because they were cheap and look good and give me a lot of stuff to work on or convert from.

Do you see what I see in the corners of those sprues? They're designed with peg and cup connectors so that the sprues stack super neatly and actually kinda stay together.

I've never seen this before.  Ever.  And yet it's so obvious.

Why hasn't anybody done this before? Seriously, why didn't someone think of this in the 1960s when plastic model kits first hit the scene?

Other then that revelation, not much to report here.  I bought a couple decent-sized Tupperware-style tote containers to organize my painting stuff; I've got a big one for upcoming projects, two medium-sized ones for paint and tools, respectively, and a smaller, three-tiered one to use as a bits box.  Gina advised this course of action, which may have something to do with containing the sprawl of growing projects and keeping me from going too bonkers with buying miniatures.  Which is fair; I know myself well enough to know that left to my own devices I'd be buying far more then I could ever get painted or would ever use at the gaming table.

I got Cthulhu's wings attached and puttied; 24 hours to cure and then Monday morning it looks like the temperature will be high enough and the humidity low enough for me to prime successfully.  That's the hardest thing about being a miniature painter here in Rochester, or nearby Buffalo where I grew up - it's a pain to prime figures when it's -9 degrees outside!


  1. Blindingly obvious when you think of it, but then again all the best ideas are. I loved the fact that you bought more than you could ever need just because they are cheap - that would be my point of view too. :D

    1. Cheap and represent pretty good conversion fodder - I know I've got plans to take the legs off ten of them in order to put pants on some of my Amazons.