Wednesday, November 28, 2018

An Internal Conversation

Bill's Shoulder Devil: "Hey, you kind of regret missing out on Da Boyz GT tournament earlier this month.  Since you're not going to go back to Age of Sigmar or jump on the Warhammer 40K bandwagon, you should build a Kings of War army for next year's tournament."

Bill's Shoulder Angel: "But you hate the idea of painting hundreds of figures for an army."

Bill's Shoulder Devil: "Sure, so why not build a small model count army, like Ogres?"

Bill's Shoulder Angel: "But you don't like Mantic's Ogre sculpts, and Kings of War tournaments tend to have a minimum Mantic model requirement."

Bill's Shoulder Devil: "Hey, says here in the rules for this year's Da Boyz show that there's no minimum number of Mantic models required for their Kings of War tournament.  You should find some ogre models you do like."

Bill's Shoulder Angel: "Well, you have been really admiring the ogres that Bob Olley sculpted for Ral Partha back in 1991, and they are available again from Iron Wind Metals..."

Bill's Shoulder Devil: "We could do an army of under 40 figures total."

Bill's Shoulder Angel: "Yeah, I don't have a counterpoint."

Bill's Shoulder Devil: "Just to make it interesting, you should paint tartans on them all.  Make each unit it's own ogre clan, and give each unit a different patterned tartan on their cloaks or kilts."


So I guess I'm adding this to my project list for the 9th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and beyond.  I've got an army list drawn up that I like and am happy with, figured out which figures I'll need, and emailed Jacob Fathbruckner of Ral Partha/IWM about getting the ones that aren't currently in the IWM online store. 

Painting Gods have mercy on me. 


  1. Tartan ah? Nobody paints tartan if they don't have to?!?
    Good luck I'm chap!

    1. That's why it's the shoulder *devil* recommending the tartan!

  2. That makes total sense! Not sure about the tartan, seems a little masochistic to me!
    Best Iain