Friday, May 19, 2017

Wraiths and Trolls

Just a real quick post to show what I've been painting lately.

First up, I finished those Reaper Grave Wraiths in a single painting session.  I've since flocked the bases, just waiting for the humidity to come down to varnish them.

The Wraiths were basecoated black, then given a heavy drybrush of "Midnight Blue," followed by a lighter drybrush of "Twilight Blue." The glowing sword blades and lighting effect are done with Reaper "Moth Green."

Second, my friend Jess got me a pair of the new Wizards' pre-primed Dungeons and Dragons miniatures for my birthday, a giant "Phase Spider" and a leering, groping Troll. I always forget that trolls in D&D have long, pointy noses.  He's had his skin basecoated in "Olive Drab" and given a wash of Citadel "Nuln Oil" here, and will be highlighted with "Worn Olive" before I move on to his dreadlocks and loincloth.


  1. Loving the eerie glowing swords Bill.

    1. Thanks Michael! They couldn't have been simpler. I gave the blades a basecoat of Reaper "Viper Green" and then a liberal drybrush of "Moth Green" that I extended out to do the glow effect on the robes.