Friday, May 5, 2017

Chaos Knights WIP

Just a quick update with some WIP shots of a unit of five Chaos Knights I'm working on for Age of Sigmar.  I'm keeping a limited color palette through this army with an emphasis on blue - sapphire blue armor, navy blue cloaks and banners, ashy gray-blue skin where exposed.  However, while my Chaos Warriors on foot had silver helmets and silver imagery on their shields, the helmets, trim and shield designs for the Knights are being done in gold to suggest that these fellows are a higher status within the army than their foot-slogging brethren.

The blue of their armor is completed; two coats of Reaper Sapphire Blue painted over a black undercoat, then each plate was edged in Sky Blue.  Once this was dry I went over and painted a glaze of Sapphire Blue carefully over each plate to blend the edging in a little bit and make it less jarring.

I think the blue came out best on this fellow.

Chainmail on the horses and riders were painted in Reaper True Silver, then given a wash of Citadel Nuln Oil to shade.

The golden areas have been picked out in a mix of Reaper Antique Gold and Leather Brown, which is the closest I've found to the old Games Workshop Bubonic Brown from when I first started painting miniatures.  Next, they'll receive a wash of Nuln Oil, then a highlight of straight Antique Gold before receiving a final delicate highlight of a mix of Antique Gold and True Silver.

The Champion showing his gold.  Shield still to be added.

I'm looking forward to painting the "Ensorcelled Weapons" carried by these riders - in keeping with the limited palette I've been using, I intend to paint the blades in shades of bright, vibrant green.  The method I used on the feathers worn by my Gaunt Summoner and Pink Horrors has been a base coat of Reaper Peacock Green, highlighted with Brilliant Green, then Viper Green, with a final highlight of Moth Green before glazing with Viper Green.  For these blades, however, I'm going to use the Moth Green to trace lightning bolts over the blades, and then go back over them with white before glazing with Viper Green.  Hopefully this will leave me with incredible, bright green lightning bolts against an emerald background.

Up next, I have a Chaos Warshrine that has been built up into sub-assemblies and primed, and I bought a box of Blue and Brimstone Horrors today to go with my Pink Horrors.

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