Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Adventuring in the City of the Damned

My local Warhammer store (not to be confused with Just Games, my usual gaming haunt) has begun hosting, surprisingly, Mordheim, even though Games Workshop no longer supports the game. 

Mordheim, for those unfamiliar, was and is a skirmish game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.  The City of Mordheim was destroyed by a comet-strike, which scattered the landscape of the ruined city with a valuable magical mineral called Wyrdstone.  Various gangs and factions descended on the ruins, fighting among themselves for possession of the Wyrdstone.  In a lot of ways, Frostgrave is a spiritual successor to Mordheim. 

The store's rule is that we can use their space for Mordheim as long as we use primarily GW figures.  So, wanting in, I sourced a bunch of older metal Empire figures off eBay and started assembling a warband for the province of Averland - in large part because I'm bored with painting red and blue armies, and Averland's colors are black and yellow. 

I've played two games so far, and while I was forced to go to my first game with bare metal (owing to the weather not cooperating for priming and my fiance being sick), I did get them painted up for my second game, this past weekend, though the bases still need flocking and I need to make a flag for my sergeant.  My hobbits have developed a nasty habit of dying, though, and I've got some more melee-oriented figures on my project bench. 

Here's a group shot of what I've painted so far, individual pictures to come:

Front Row, Left to Right: the Halflings "Chickenwing," "Fat Timmy" and "Big Top."
Back Row, Left to Right: Captain Arnulf von Grenzstadt, Sergeant Martin, and the Bergjaeger, Sturm and Franz