Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cultists of the Vampire, and Getting a Game In

The second unit of my Vampire Countess warband for Dragon Rampant is complete.  A band of fanatical cultists, dressed in blood-red robes and hoods and armed with an assortment of rusty blades, serving the Countess Winterthorn in the hopes of being gifted with eternal life.  In game terms, they're a unit of Bellicose Foot, quick on the charge but a little fragile in sustained fights.  They're made from North Star's excellent "Frostgrave Cultists" plastic set. 

In other news, I actually got my first game of Dragon Rampant in last week.  I threw together a 30-point list using my old Age of Sigmar Chaos figures and some Reaper demons I'd painted up:

Rhakosk the Arcane (Light Foot, Spellcaster, Single Model Unit) - 7
Khairic Acolytes (Light Foot, Wizardling) - 5
Chaos Warriors (Elite Foot) - 6
Chaos Warriors (Elite Foot) - 6
Bakarathi Demons (Bellicose Foot, Cause Fear, Reduced Model Unit) - 6

And brought them to Just Games' new location, which had just opened that day - two doors down from the old location and twice the space for gaming.  Neil brought his Moonclan Grots (Age of Sigmar's renaming of Night Goblins). 

We had a great game, our two armies converging on a plain dotted with ruined buildings.  Since we were both playing the game for the first time, we skipped on playing a scenario and just did a straight-up death match.  Though his Squig Knights and Fanatics polished off my Khairic Acolytes and I lost a few Chaos Warriors and Bakarathi along the way, ultimately the goblins were reduced to a single unit of archers fleeing for safety. 

The towering Bakarathi, armed with an assortment of cruel weapons,
bound into a unit of Night Goblins ready to slaughter the little green goons.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing a scenario next time.  This list is going to need some tweaking - I'm going to put the "Undead - No Feelings" special rule on the Bakarathi to keep them from failing courage checks, for example. 

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