Friday, December 9, 2016

New Acquisitions & General Update

I recently added two more collections of Call of Cthulhu scenarios to my library, at long last; De Horrore Cosmico, a selection of Roman-era scenarios (i.e., "Cthulhu Invictus") inspired by Lovecraft stories, and Tales of the Crescent City, a selection of Jazz Age adventures set in New Orleans.  Both of these have been released by Golden Goblin Press.  De Horrore Cosmico was my early Christmas present to myself; Gina "purchased" Tales of the Crescent City for me, but between some store credit I had at Just Games and my accumulation of customer loyalty points it only ended up costing her $1.39.  De Horrore Cosmico I've read through and found the adventures thoroughly enjoyable just from a reading perspective, and I hope to run some soon enough.

I spent this morning reading through Tales of the Crescent City, and while I tend to feel a little out of my element with Hastur-centric scenarios (of which this book contains two), overall I like what I'm seeing with this book, I'm looking forward to adding the New York companion, Tales of the Sleepless City, to my collection as well.

In other news, my parents have been in England for the past two weeks, visiting London, Leeds and York.  My mother requested some information about game stores and miniatures I was interested in for the purposes of Christmas shopping.  She has proceeded to stop at every miniatures and hobby shop she sees in the UK and send me photos from them.  She's apparently become fascinated by my hobby and how widespread it seems to be in the UK.  To quote one of her emails, "The Brits sure love their miniatures. There must be a whole industry of just making and painting these."

Mom was really impressed by the painting contest this store in York is having, and frankly, I am too - I may suggest something similar to Matt at Just Games for next year.

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