Monday, December 19, 2016

Challenge Eve

Tomorrow morning the 7th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge begins.  I've got a figure set out and ready to start applying paint to once I wake up in the morning, and I believe something like 60-70-odd 28mm figures assembled, primed and ready to go, plus some Reaper Bones figures, most of which are large enough to count as 54mm figures for the purposes of scoring.  Plus on Saturday I'll be seeing family for Christmas and my mother has made no secret of having bought more figures for me to work on, so I should be in good stead to accomplish my goal of 500 points even without the bonus rounds.

I suspect I may be using some Christmas money to buy *even more* figures, as I've been invited to join a group that meets at one of the other gaming stores in the area to play Warhammer Ancient Battles.  I'm going to attend their next meeting and observe, and if I feel good about it, start putting together an army, likely either German knights of the Baltic Crusades or a War of the Roses force.