Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trolls, Pulp, D&D and Barbarian Babes (Hubba hubba!)

Time for another picture-heavy upload, of my most recent entries in the Painting Challenge:

First up, a pair of Ice Trolls from Reaper:

Next, Reaper's "Nadia of the Blade," a Christmas present from the lovely Gina.  I tried to keep her colors as "cold" as I could to emphasize the brilliant orange hair.  The sword is apparently meant to be straight, but on my copy it was bent juuuuuust right to trick me into thinking it was a scimitar.

scale shot!
Next, the pulp hero "Captain Krustache" from Pulp Figures, a promotional figure I received for donating to Bob Murch's Movember campaign.  I tried to make the fur vest appear grizzled with alternating layers of gray and brown drybrushing, though the camera decided to emphasize the gray.

Finally, a few shots of my entry in the "Epic Fail" bonus round, a vignette I call "Not Everyone Levels Up":

Voting on this one ends tonight, so get on over there and show me some love!


  1. It is certainly turning into a wonderful challenge for you Bill. Lovely recap.

  2. Terrific minis, Captain Krustache being my favourite! Cheers!