Friday, January 15, 2016

Catching up with the AHPC...

I should really start cross-posting my entries here once they've had a chance to be seen on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge page for 24 or so hours.  Anyways, here's a few of the goodies I've done lately:

First, a trio of "Ice Toads" for Frostgrave - these are D&D prepainted Giant Frogs that I repainted.

Next, a pair of clanking "Republic" Robots from Brigade Games, evoking the sci-fi serials of yesteryear, my entry in the Nostalgia Bonus Round:

And finally, "Arrius, Skeletal Champion" from Reaper, who will be an Armored Skeleton for Frostgrave and represents one of the best results I've ever gotten with this funny little hobby of painting toy soldiers:

This weekend I've got my "Not Everyone Levels Up" diorama for the Epic Fail Bonus Round going live, and I've got some more Frostgrave figures that will be ready to be shown on Tuesday.

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