Saturday, November 29, 2014

Moving Forward

My laptop died the other day, after five years of faithful service.  Now I've got a new, sleeker, lighter, faster model with about 7x the battery life.  In the meantime, I've been working on some of the mold-lines on C'thulhu trying to clean them up and make them as invisible as possible once the model is painted up.  Here are the ones I've still got the most work to do on:

Because I want to paint the head separately, due to all the detail around the tentacles, I went to the craft store and got a wooden dowel I could fit into his neck-hole - now I've got a Cthulhu-on-a-stick and I can hold that in my off-hand while painting so I'm not smudging anything or missing spots.

And here's an old Grenadier Cthulhu I got on eBay a couple years back and painted up.  I'm for the most part going to be recreating this color scheme on the larger figure.  He's a bitch to photograph because I glooped gloss varnish over him pretty heavily to simulate a wet, slimy appearance, as if he'd just heaved himself up out of a greasy sea.  In fact, I poured the varnish on him so heavily that there's droplets formed at the tips of his wings and a little bit of a "bubble" of it between his right claw and leg.  The eyes were given a coat of glow in the dark paint.  Spooky! SPOOKY!

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