Saturday, October 17, 2015

Module Review: The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence (Kort'thalis Publishing, 2014)

Gina took one look at my copy, and said, "Is this
why you want me to play? Because it's a big butt
Venger Satanis gets me.  He's running D&D through a filter of Troma movies, Ralph Bakshi, Russ Meyer, heavy metal, the Heavy Metal movie (that's Taarna's ass to the left), 80s toyetic cartoons, Pat Benatar music videos, Gor novels...I'm assuming there's Mexican masked wrestlers and 50s muscle cars in the mix somewhere too.  Because that's what the inside of my brain looks like 24/7.  The difference is that Venger has the mad glint in his eye and vented his brain onto paper and put it up for sale.

Plus, he looks a lot better without a full head of hair than I do.  He actually looks so much like my friend Mark that last time I saw him, I actually asked Mark if he was publishing under the name "Venger Satanis." He said no, but I've got my eye on him.  Nobody's ever seen the two of them in the same room...

But, as I do so often, I digress.

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence is a sandbox setting that can be inserted into most other fantasy worlds, detailing a trio of gonzo science-fantasy islands crawling with mutant sorcerers, insane robots, homicidal sex maniacs, flying tentacled gorillas, spider-men (not the spandex-clad kind, but it's your game) and weirder things besides.  Floating malevolently overhead is the Putrescence itself, an entity also endearingly referred to as "That Which Rots from the Sky," ready to scoop up the unwary in its pseudopods and annihilate their souls within its essence.

As with everything Venger puts out, Purple is also a toolkit, filled with tidbits of advice, random tables (including more dark secrets to inflict on players seeking to rearrange ability scores and a wicked awesome magic swords table), a new character class, and more.

I've actually been borrowing pretty liberally from Purple for my current "Murderhoboes" game - if not in actual encounters (though some of them are there, even if the PCs haven't found them yet) then in anarchic, madcap tone.  If I ever run Purple as written, you'd goddamn better believe Old Man Walter will be there running a junk shop full of ray-guns.  And when one of the PCs in "Murderhoboes" finds a magic sword in the canyon, you'd goddamn better believe I'll be rolling on the chart (or better yet, having them roll the die without telling them why) in this book.

Venger Satanis has outdone himself with this, as he has with every project he's laid hands on.  So go back his Alpha Blue kickstarter, ya creeps.  I'm 99% sure it's got Rhonda Shear sex gynoids in it, so there ya go.


  1. "I'm 99% sure it's got Rhonda Shear sex gynoids in it, so there ya go."

    Well... it does now! Thanks for the praise, hoss. Coincidentally, I ran Purple earlier today using Crimson Dragon Slayer. T'was a fun time. Hopefully, we'll game together someday.

    1. Those Rhonda Shear sex gynoids. They'll keep you up all night.

      I just read your play report - definitely sounds like a blast! Maybe one of these days the purple mists will align and we'll find ourselves at each other's tables.

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