Monday, October 26, 2015

Miscellaneous Magic Swords

I suppose, with this gaming blog, I should provide game-able content that others can use instead of just blathering in reviews and play reports.  So here are some magic swords I came up with and decided not to include in Devil's Canyon:

  1. Tempest-Toss'd: This +1 Longsword, +3 vs. aquatic monsters, is carved from the jawbone of a Leviathan and covered in scrimshawed runes, stained with the ink of a Kraken.  The wielder cannot be drowned while carrying this sword, and on a natural 20, the target's lungs fill with water.  
  2. Night-Haunt: This +1 Shortsword has a cross-guard shaped like bat wings, and the blade is lacquered a flat black.  On a natural 20, 2d6 giant vampire bats descend from the skies (or emerge from a deeper cavern) and attack the target for one round before dispersing.  
  3. Tulwar of Ologoi-Khorkoi: Appearing as an enormous two-handed scimitar with a serrated blade and a hilt resembling a twisted coil of intestine, this +3 Bastard Sword seems to writhe in the wielder's hands, thirsting for blood.  The blood of any slain by this sword coalesces into a worm-like creature (3HD, AC as leather, attk 1 for 1d6 damage + poison) that serves the wielder for one round before burrowing into the earth.  
  4. Goliath-Bane: This +1 Longsword, +3 vs. Giants may look ancient and rusted, but was once held by a legendary giant-slayer, and stories of the havoc wrought with this blade have filtered through all giant communities.  In addition to its normal qualities, the wielder may strongly present this sword to any giant and force the giant to save or flee in unreasoning terror.  
  5. Athame of the Alkhalest: This slim, lightweight +1 Shortsword (half the normal weight) can be used by Magic-Users in addition to the normal classes, and can, three times per day, be used as a Wand of Acid Arrow (or equivalent, as per your ruleset of choice).  
  6. Blade of the Pentacle: This +1 Shortsword, +3 vs. Undead deals an additional 1d6 of electrical damage on a successful hit, and can strike incorporeal undead as readily as the more full-bodied variety.  It glows with a permanent blue light and carries a faint whiff of ozone.  Five pentacles are etched into either side of the blade, along with runes rumored to have come from the legendary Sigsand Manuscript.  

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