Monday, June 15, 2015

Manifest Destiny, Session 8: Everything Comes to an End

We had a short, sweet session to wrap up the campaign.  To recap...

The investigators, in the course of figuring out who killed Meriwether Lewis, discovered an insidious plot by an alien race of fungoid insects to conquer Earth.  They needed to summon an entity known as "the Dark Mother," whose presence would allow them to breed in great numbers and overrun the Earth.  The investigators had determined the time and date of the ritual needed to summon the Dark Mother, and set themselves in place to await the day, and hopefully, stop it.

Using the influence of Thomas Jefferson, the investigators arranged to set up an assortment of cannons and mortars facing Monk's Mound, where the ritual was to take place.  They also, using the measurements Dr. Ryder had recorded, had machined replicas of the pieces of the summoning machine claimed from under Ettowah by the insects.  They figured out how the pieces fit together, assembling into a thirty-foot scaffold topped by an array of parabolic mirrors, lenses, pulleys and chains.

Experimenting, they figured out they could use the array to focus a beam of sun- or moonlight, and aim it as they pleased.  They started pointing the moon beam at various objects and people to see if it would have any effect.

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Liza Ripper, using a spell she learned from the book she's been carrying around, summoned a "Star Walker" to test the moon beam on.  The invisible entity giggled uncertainly upon arriving, as if expecting something.  Finding nothing offered, it latched onto Liza and sucked out all of her blood.

All of it.

The stolen blood rendered the creature temporarily visible, and then, having drank its fill and having no one to offer commands, it floated back into the gulfs of space.

Further experimentation with the moon-lens led the surviving investigators to focus the beam at the top of Mound.  This proved to be a bad idea, as it resulting in the preemptive summoning of the Dark Mother.

The moon beam revealed a portal within the side of the Mound, from within which heaved an enormous mound of translucent, rubbery flesh, spotted with jaundiced eyes, flailing, barbed tentacles and dozens of knobby, suction-cup-tipped feet.  Its serrated beak opened wide, producing a horrific bellow.

At which point the investigators gave the signal for the cannons to open fire on the hill and blow the
barrels of gunpowder they'd ringed the hilltop with.  The night lit up like day as a fireball rose off the hilltop, gobbets of unclean, alien flesh spattering the surrounding landscape.

Unfortunately, the Dark Mother was not yet dead, and was barreling towards them faster then the cannons could reload.  Amity made a final desperate effort, and called up an entity known to her only as "the Wyrm."

The creature appeared as a whirlwind, amidst which glimpses of repellent reptilian flesh occasionally flashed.

"I am here," a voice hissed in Amity's head, "What doth thou wishest?"

She pointed at the oncoming Mother and begged the Wyrm to stop it.

"As thou wishest," it whispered, again to her alone.  Everyone present felt their bodies suddenly sapped of energy, and the whirlwind swept around the Dark Mother.  It seemed to draw the whole atmosphere into it, and then exploded blindingly, banishing the Dark Mother to its ancient realm.

"My payment, now," the Wyrm hissed to the Investigators.

From Dr. Ryder it took a leg, severed cleanly (and cauterized) at the knee.

Nashoba, it converted one of his arms into a mass of tentacular tumors.

Bruce (the replacement character of Liza Ripper's player, one of the soldiers present at the battle), it converted one of his legs likewise.

Amity, comatose from her encounter with the Wyrm, had her torso covered in these same tumors.

The Wyrm then departed, its task complete.

End campaign, fade to black.


It was a very silly, light-hearted, fast-and-loose with the rules game, but everyone had a lot of fun, and I'm very happy with how everything turned out.

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