Sunday, May 10, 2015

Manifest Destiny, Session 7: Will the Real Thomas Jefferson Please Stand Up?

After being dosed with toxic fungal spores, Liza and Nashoba found themselves in a hallucinatory version of the world they'd just left behind, looking up at a red-stained moon shining bloodily on Monk's Mound as five jagged stone pillars erupted from the top of the mound, reaching skyward, then turning into stony fingers that flexed and clawed.  Nashoba emerged from his hallucinatory coma after 12 hours; Liza, after 22.

They decided their best bet after this was to plug in the brain-cylinder they were carrying around and consult with Meriwether Lewis' disembodied brain.  He told them what he could about a ritual designed to enchant pipes to improve summoning spells, and then made a request of his own - that they allow him to die.  After heated debate as to the wisdom of letting Lewis' brain die, Liza attempted to shoot the cylinder to bits with her blunderbuss, only to be tackled by Amity (causing Nashoba to be winged by the errant shot), and Dr. Ryder blasting the cylinder to pieces to prevent further dissension within the group.  They stood by somberly, watching the pulsating brain on the ground shudder and finally, months after his alleged demise, finally grow still.

[DM'S NOTE: The look on Liza's player's face when Lewis requested to die has been my favorite moment this entire campaign.]

After this, Amity joined Liza in her study of the copy of Monstres and Their Kynde they'd recovered from Griner's Stand, and not long thereafter Thomas Jefferson, retired President, arrived in St. Louis to confer with the PCs.  They laid out what they knew to him, and he laid out plans to them to requisition a significant quantity of copper for the purpose of producing musket balls and bayonets from the metal, due to its toxicity towards the alien creatures.

At which point, Thomas Jefferson walked into the room, apologizing for being late.  Before the PCs
could react, the Jefferson they'd been talking to produced an egg-shaped device that, once pressed to Dr. Ryder's chest, delivered an incredible electrical discharge.

It was only the swift medical administrations of Nashoba, while Liza and Amity blasted the false-Jefferson (revealing him to be an alien in disguise) that allowed Dr. Ryder to survive.  He spends the next two weeks bed-ridden and recuperating.

From Monstres and Their Kynde, Amity learns how to "Command the Night-Flier," and decided to test the spell using the enchanted pipes they'd created using Lewis' spell.  After a few minutes, a bat-like creature swooped down from the empty sky, perching in front of her, awaiting her command.  She climbed onto the creature's back and had it do a few looping reconnaissance flights out over Monk's Mound; on the last of these, she spotted two of the insects apparently excavating near the top of the mound; dismounting back where she began, Amity, Nashoba and Liza crept out to attempt to take down these two creatures.

Liza's first shot missed, alerting the creatures - Amity's pistols took one down almost instantaneously due to copper shot, and the second creature took off straight up into space.

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